Tri for the Cure 2009 – Race Report

The night before the race I stayed in a local hotel near the race venue. I was extremely nervous as this was my very first triathlon. I had done duathlons before but was not a swimmer AT ALL. I laid out all of my gear on the extra queen size bed just to double check that I had everything. I know you are never supposed to try new things in a race but I decided that I wanted to try out my new Easy Laces. They are basically bungee cords for your shoes instead of using shoe laces. I got them all laced up, did a couple of laps around the hotel room and decided that I liked them. I ate pizza at the bar downstairs and since my nerves were getting the best of me I also had one glass of wine. Went to bed by 9:30pm and slept well.

Next morning I was up early, drank my daily Mt. Dew and ate my toast with peanut butter. Got to the race within 5 minutes since I was so close (too close if you ask me). Set my transition area up, got marked, and made a pee stop. We lined up in order of our waves and I asked for a “Swim Buddy”. A Swim Buddy is someone that is a great swimmer who volunteers to swim along next to you just in case you loose it, freak out, or just can’t make it. Mine was named “Matt” and I was so thankful to have him at my side. It’s scary trying something new especially when it is very difficult such as swimming in open water when you don’t really even know how to swim. It ended up that I didn’t need him except for the support that he verbally provided along the way and the confidence that he was instilling just by being there. I did the breast stroke the ENTIRE swim leg. Not the ideal way to swim a triathlon but I finished my swim leg none the less. Took me almost twice as long as other swimmers but that was okay.

It was a long run from the lake to the T1 area. Had to catch my breath (feel the relief that the swim was over with) and gear up for the bike leg. The whole time on the bike I felt strong. I always enjoy biking and I don’t know why I don’t do it more. It was a weird feeling to be riding my bike while soaking wet (not something I’m used to). Thought that I would dry off pretty quick (cuz I ride so fast, ha ha) but I didn’t.

Once I got running I could feel how heavy my legs felt. I was used to this feeling from doing duathlons but it’s always a unique feeling. The run was up along the dam road where it’s flat and there’s no shade. It was hot but I still felt adequately hydrated and ready for the 3.1 miles of running. I finished with a smile on my face.

There was good support though out the race, nice venue, and good vibes all around. Overall it was a great race and I was proud to say that I finished my first triathlon!


~ by willtriforbeer on August 16, 2011.

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