Open Water Swimming

My new love…open water swimming. Known in the triathlon community as OWS. I explained to my hubby that it was rhythmical. He promptly explained to me that there was no such word as “rhythmical” but that’s what I like to call it. It has a calming rhythm to it along with being mechanical, peaceful, strong, smooth, repetitive, meditative and down right scary at times. These things blend together to create such a wonderful harmony that I’ve only gotten from ows. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not a strong or smooth swimmer but I do love trying to get better at it.

This summer I’ve been doing ow swims twice a week in the early morning and look forward to them every time. I don’t get as fearful as I used to get before the start of a triathlon. I know that if I just stick with my rhythmical style everything will be okay. The temperature has been dropping quickly these past couple of weeks and the water levels have been dropping as well. My ows is coming to a close in the next 2 weeks but I will remember it fondly while I go back to the pool for winter training. Can’t wait for late spring when I can break out the wetsuit again and start gliding through the open waters.

Slow, steady and rhythmical gets the job done! 😉

PS – I just googled rhythmical and found that there is a definition for this word “Of, relating to, or having rhythm; recurring with measured regularity”. I would agree with that 😉


~ by willtriforbeer on September 7, 2011.

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