How you change by doing triathlons

I had always been athletic so I didn’t think that participating in a triathlon would change things so much. I had always ran and biked so how could this be so different than other sports I had done. I’ve participated in many races; everything from 5k’s to half marathons so I was used to setting a goal, training, and obtaining what it was that I went after. Never did I expect to have triathlon take over my life…it’s not just a sport it is a lifestyle!

  • Your laundry has doubled and all because of spandex
  • You shoe collection becomes the following: running shoes, old running shoes, trail running shoes, bike shoes, old bike shoes, swim fins, and don’t forget the comfy sandals (Chacos) for before and after the race!
  • You become very comfortable changing your clothes in your vehicle or outside of your vehicle with a towel wrapped around you
  • You think nothing of getting up for an open water swim at 4:45am
  • And can’t make it to work before 9am
  • When getting ready for a ride from a trail-head/parking lot you find it funny that you also have clothes in your vehicle for a run and a swim…just in case.
  • 3-4 hours of training in one day is not a big deal
  • You know how many miles you cycled, ran, swam in the last year
  • You shower more times a week in a gym than you do at home
  • You think nothing of blowing your nose while running (farmers blow)
  • Two/three times a week you show up to work with goggle marks on your face
  • You have a whole shelf in the kitchen devoted to GU’s, bars, electrolytes, Cytomax, etc.
  • You learn to pee just about anywhere…and I do mean anywhere/anytime
  • You learn new things about other people’s wetsuits – see above
  • You talk quite often about your “partner” and your not referring to your significant other
  • You try to fill up your water bottles anywhere you can like there’s a shortage on water
  • You know exactly how much protein is in a bottle of Muscle Milk
  • You jimmy rig something in your vehicle so that your running/cycling/swimming gear can dry after training during your workday
  • You can ask the sales person at the tri store for lube without even giggling about it
  • 6:30am IS sleeping in on the weekends
  • You have more ice packs, ice cups, and ice wraps in your freezer than you do frozen food
  • You have water bottles stashed everywhere; at work, your vehicle, your gym bag, on your bike, your back pack, and the one that you currently have in your hand.
  • While driving you make notes of the shoulder width and wonder if it would be a good road to ride on
  • Your funny tan lines are a badge of honor
  • You constantly check the color of your urine to ensure proper hydration
  • You take a water bottle to a party so that you’re ready for your long run the next day
  • You think it’s normal to take a bath with ice cubes
  • Black toenails or saddle rash means that you had a good day
  • You think of your age as 40-44
  • You workday is your recovery between trainings
  • You spend more on your training clothes than you do on your work clothes…in fact you start wearing some of your training clothes to work because you love them so much
  • Your vehicle quiet often smells like wet rubber (wetsuit)
  • Your think of what races you are going to do a year in advance (and have to register for them)
  • You think wetsuits look good 😉
  • You can drink more beer! This one makes me very happy!



~ by willtriforbeer on February 15, 2012.

6 Responses to “How you change by doing triathlons”

  1. I LOVE this! it is all so true! It takes over your life (but in a good way, mostly!) I’m so excited for this upcoming season and I’m really hoping we get to do a race together!

  2. Still making me feel lazy…

  3. Great post, so true, although I’m not sure I’d ever be seen getting up at 4.45am for an OW swim :L

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