Compress me

I was skeptical about buying a compression garment. Thought that it was only for the professional athletes. Didn’t think that I trained hard enough to be deserving of compression wear. But I’ve been realizing lately that I do need some help with recovery and that I have been training hard. Side note: training hard is a relative term. I have been training hard for me which may be someone’s easy day or day of training after a really big race. I’ve also come to realize that my easy days may be someone’s really hard day. Ah, the circle of training. Anyway, back to the compression.

I headed off to Boulder Running Company (love them) to see what they had. I decided that my lower leg (calf) would be a good place to start for compression wear. I was looking at the wall of compression stuff and feeling a little out of my league. The sizes were 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. What the heck was that type of sizing I thought as I continued sifting through all the new content on the back of the boxes. According to the sizing information I needed to know the circumference of my calves. All I could think was…big! Then I noticed that there were cloth measuring tapes hanging on the racks right there in the store…how convenient. I measured my calf…14 1/8 inches. Turns out that I am a size 2 (don’t know if I should be flattered by that size or not). I’ve never been a size 2 anywhere else in the clothing industry.

Now I had to decide between the full sock version or the calf sleeve (without foot sock piece). I figured that the calf sleeve may work best for me so that I could wear it under my jeans to work with sandals and no one would be the wiser. I could be recovering while sitting at my desk.

Next option was the color. I’m the type of person that chooses black most of the time. Black car, black dog, black shoes, black down coat, black sunglasses, black visors…I could go on. I thought that I may also want to try running in these so I opted for white. White would be cooler in the heat of the summer sun while running and it was opposite of black. I’m getting crazy in my old age!

I went back and forth on which one to buy; Zoot or 2XU. Trying them on did not help my decision. The Zoot felt a little more compressed and the 2XU felt a little softer. They were both a bit of a challenge to get on but I guess that part of the point. I felt like either one would be a good choice. I own apparel from both companies and have not been let down by either one. Sales lady said she liked the Zoot better so I went with the Zoot pair.

I had just done my long run earlier in the day before heading to the store so I couldn’t wait to get home and try them out. Got them on and instantly my legs felt so great! It was like strong firm hugs on both of my calves. It felt warm (of course, our house is very cold), snugly, tight with no jiggling. I loved the way it held my muscles tight. I could feel the recovery happening. Okay, maybe that’s a bit far fetched but they really did feel good and I am now a “firm” believer in compression. My legs feel good today and I’m thinking about possibly purchasing the capris for my quads and hammys.


~ by willtriforbeer on March 13, 2012.

3 Responses to “Compress me”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh I have worn MANY pairs of those and even been hooked up to those machines that squeeze your legs every couple of minutes (which gets annoying … Until it actually is soothing and helps you fall asleep. Haha).
    Anyway I’m glad you found something to help you out. Obviously idk the feeling of compression socks after a run … I just know it from being a patient be in the hospital on a regular basis. Good luck with your training! Keep us focused!

    • Lisa,
      That’s true I guess you would have had your fair share of using compression for many things in the hospital. They are quite relaxing after you get used to them. Hope you are doing well and take care!

  2. I didn’t believe in compression either, but now I’m a total convert! I really do think it helps recovery. Happy training!

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