The terms fashionista, trend-setter, queen of fashion, stylish, trendy and up-to-date have never been used to describe me. I have always known that I’m not “in style” and I’ve always been generally okay with that. There have been certain occasions in my life in which my lack of style has come to light, one being this morning.

I’m getting ready at my gym this morning when a girl comes up to me and says “I like your jeans.” I laughed and said “they are so old” and she replied “I know you just can’t find those anymore.” Now I understand that my Lucky Jeans circa 2003 are 9 years old but they are still in good shape and they are comfortable. I kept chuckling to myself as I finished getting ready about how “un-cool” I am these days. I’m retro!

A few years ago I was riding in a duathlon when a dude passed me on an uphill section. While he was passing, he took the time to say “nice bike” and kept riding. As I continued to ride, I thought about how my bike was a Schwinn SuperSport from 1999 with no fancy attachments or upgrades. Nice bike, I thought, was he saying that it was nice because it was retro? An antique maybe?

I was at a festival in Kansas when I went up to the New Belgium beer tent to grab a cold one. The dude serving the beer recognized that I was wearing a New Belgium hat. He says “nice hat, I remember that one from a long time ago.” I thought back to when I bought the hat and realized that it was the year I moved to Colorado…1994! So is my hat cool because it’s retro or is it just plain old?

Last year I wore a University of Colorado sweatshirt to work to show my CU pride before one of the home football games. A few weeks later, a co-worker of mine suggests that we dress up for Halloween as 80’s girls. You know; leggings, big hair, fluorescent colors, lots of bracelets and then she tells me “and you can wear that old CU sweatshirt.” What? I started to remember when I got that sweatshirt. Guess it was back in 1995. Made me realize that what I had just worn a few weeks before she was saying I could wear to look like I was from the 80’s! My math skills are not the strongest but I was able to calculate that my sweatshirt was 16 years old. 16 years old = retro.

I’m sure that there are plenty of other times that I have looked, dressed or sported something old and no one has said anything (Yes, I still use a pick that I bought in college to comb my curly hair). I don’t necessarily want to look “retro” but I just don’t have the drive, the desire, the money, or the time to keep up on being stylish. I guess I find something that is comfortable or that I like and I just roll with it. And I keep rolling with it for many, many years. Yes, I have become that person!


~ by willtriforbeer on May 15, 2012.

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