Race Report – Summer Opener Sprint 2012

First race of the season! It was the Summer Opener Sprint Triathlon in Longmont, CO and it was certainly one hell of a race.

The night before I “carbo-loaded” with a Hawaiian pizza and Epic’s Imperial IPA. I, of course, drank lots of water, iced my knees, stretched, went through my tri bag several times and rehearsed what I needed to do in transition and all that good stuff. I was in bed by 9:30pm.

The next morning I woke up at 4:37am. It was dark and I quickly grabbed all my gear, my breakfast of a bagel and Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter, drank just a bit of Mountain Dew just to get the old system flowing 😉 and headed out to the truck. The drive to the venue was beautiful but once I arrived the clouds were dark, the temperature was cold, it started to sprinkle and the wind was blowing.

I set up my transition area and started re-thinking what I was wearing. Turns out the cold temps caught everyone by surprise and most racers didn’t have warm racing gear. I decided to leave my race top off and only wear my jog bra under my wetsuit so that it would not be soaking wet for the ride. I also decided that after the swim I would take the extra time to put on my solar sleeves since they would provide some warmth for the ride/run.

Transition closed at 7:45am so we all headed over to the beach at the reservoir.  The winds were much stronger over there and we could see white cap waves breaking in the water. As we waded out into the water to get warmed up we were being pushed back by the waves. You could hear everyone commenting on the crazy conditions. I tried to swim to get warmed up but I realized I was going to use up too much precious energy in these conditions so I just hung out in the water getting acclimated to it. The first wave went off: Elite men & men 30-39.

If you get in trouble in the water the rule is to take off your swim cap and waive it in the air. That will signal a kayaker or a boat to come rescue you.

I saw one of the men waiving his swim cap in the air. He started trying to swim back to shore. The kayaks were having a hard time getting to him due to all the waves. He made it safely back to the beach. Then I see another kayaker bring 2 other men back to the beach. The next wave takes off and sure enough I see 3 of them being brought back. I started to think that if all these really in shape dudes are being pulled out of the water what I am thinking I’m going to do (I’m not a strong swimmer). I instantly changed my goals for the swim. I would not worry about time at all and just breast stroke if I couldn’t do freestyle.

The gun for my wave goes off and I start to do freestyle. The waves were breaking on my face and I was taking in a lot of water (yuck). The water was going in my nose and making me cough. I started to do breast stroke and regain composure. I was amazed to see the waves were about 2 feet high around me. I would only catch glimpses of the buoys and for the most part could not see other swimmers. I realized that this must be what it feels like to be floating alone in the ocean not knowing which direction to go. I managed to do a combination of breast stroke/doggie paddle and before I knew it I was half way done. There was no way that I was calling it quits so I just kept on with my ridiculous swim technique until I was nearing the shore. I pulled out a little bit of freestyle towards the end (to put on a good show) and staggered out of the water with only a few people behind me.

T1 took forever due to my motion sickness and lightheadedness. I put on my DRY tri top, sleeves, helmet, shoes, sunglasses (not that I needed them) and took off on the bike. It took me a bit to settle in on the bike but when I did I ate a banana flavored GU. I tried to drink some water but I took on so much water in the swim that drinking water was the last thing I wanted to do! The bike course was 3 laps. I managed a 17.6 MPH average pace which I was okay with especially after the beating I had just taken.

T2 wasn’t too bad. I was able to get my bike shoes off and my running shoes on quickly and remembered to take off my helmet 😉 It’s funny to see so many of the other racers packing up and going home when I’m just coming into T2. The run was an out and back on a dirt road. I felt good on the run and it was giving my feet a chance to warm up. I ended up having one of my best runs (in a triathlon).

The race overall was good! I won a Polar water bottle at the raffle and the goodie bag was pretty nice. They gave out pint glasses which I put to good use once I got home! I drove right past 3 different microbreweries on the way home and wanted to stop each time. I remember hubby saying that we would have beers on the patio when I got home so I kept going. By the time I got home it was raining/snowing so no patio but I did reward myself anyway with a Great Divide 18th Anniversary Double IPA! Yum 🙂


~ by willtriforbeer on June 9, 2012.

8 Responses to “Race Report – Summer Opener Sprint 2012”

  1. Way to go, Jen!!

  2. Nice work, lady! I sure do love reading your blog 😉

  3. Wow, sounds like an awesome race!! Good job!

  4. Jen you’re Awesome! Very inspirational to read. Your photos are HOT. Cheers my friend.

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