Beer Fit

My favorite style of beers are IPA’s and Barleywines but I have realized that not just any ol’ IPA can make my favorites list. The IPA almost has to be an Imperial IPA, Double IPA, or some crazy bitterness loaded IPA. I’ve also realized the difference between an English IPA and an American IPA. I much prefer the American IPA’s! American IPA’s tend to not have that Belgian yeast thing going on, which, in my opinion, is gross. Since we brew our own beers too I have even learned what hops I like best…Simcoe, Chinook, and Centennial rule!

Trying beer after beer and learning what styles I enjoy has lead me to believe that some brewer out there should do a “beer fit”. Just like when I had a bike fit done or when people visit the eye doctor. The professional beer fitter would provide you with samples asking you “better or worse”. They would narrow down the style of beer that you like pretty quickly and then proceed to find out what ingredients/taste you are most drawn to “citrusy or piney”, “hoppy or malty”, “bitter or sweet” and  the list would go on until you have determined your exact perfect beer match. I’m trying to do this on my own but I think a professional could make it happen a lot quicker.

I like the beer fit idea but then again I am having so much fun sampling all these craft beers and learning each time what taste I desire. Many times if I find a really good beer I’ll save one of them to put up against one of my favorites to do a side by side sampling. There is usually a clear winner in these cases. For the past few years I have been adding all of these beers with photos to my beer database which currently has over 260 craft brewed beers in it. Guess it really is the journey not the destination! My beer journey is one that will probably never conclude. “If you spent your life searching for the perfect beer and never found it, it would still not be a life wasted.” ~ My own version 😉


~ by willtriforbeer on June 18, 2012.

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