Race Report – Boulder 5430 Sprint

The alarm went off at 4:42am and I sprung out of bed, well, not so much sprung but slowly pushed myself up and got my feet underneath me to walk over to the dresser. I put on my race kit (race outfit) and headed to the kitchen for my Mountain Dew ritual. My bike, wetsuit, and all other gear was already loaded in the truck the night before. I fed the pup, slathered Justin’s Maple Almond butter on my Parmesan Herb bagel (no, I did not think that combination through), brushed my teeth and headed out the door. On the drive down I ate my gross bagel concoction and watched the sun come up. I saw a heard of elk across from Roy’s Last Shot, a coyote running along side the road with me, and then in the canyon I saw a fox with a bunny in it’s mouth presumably taking it back to the den to feed the little ones. I love mornings like this!

Once I reached Boulder, the Mountain Dew kicked in so I stopped at McDonald’s. Thank goodness for McDonald’s but only for the use of their facilities not their food. I got to the Boulder Reservoir with plenty of time to spare. I got my transition area set up pretty fast so I had time to wonder around and say “hi” to a few people that I knew. It’s nice getting to  know people in the triathlon community through training and various events and then seeing them at races.

I donned my wetsuit and made my way to the beach. I drank a little bit of a power bar energy drink that they had available since I was starting to question my fueling the night before of a burger, tater tots, and a bomber of Chicken Killer Barleywine Ale. Oh well, I guess you shouldn’t change anything for race day. That’s the way I train so it’s the way I should prepare for races 😉

I warmed up with a lap of freestyle before my wave went off and it felt pretty good. The water was much warmer than last year due to all the heat we’ve been having. I could have probably used my sleeveless suit instead of the full sleeve. My wave went off at 7:40am and the open water mosh pit began. I got kicked, swiped, jabbed and swam over top of. One hand that grabbed my leg made me fearful of someone pulling off my timing chip (your race doesn’t get recorded if that happens). I was having a not so enjoyable start to the swim. I transitioned to breast stroke just to get out of the bouncy house. Once I got re-positioned on the outside and away from everyone I was able to concentrate on my swim. Breathe and relax I told myself and then my race was back in good shape. In the last 200 meters the wave behind us caught up to me. I swam all the way in until my hands were grazing the bottom of the reservoir. I got out and was able to run to T1. I got my wetsuit pulled down to my waist but at T1 I forgot to remove my cap and goggles until I went o put on my bike helmet (rookie move).

750 meter swim time: 18:34

T1 4:04

Heading out of T1 on the bike I heard a couple of guys from Colorado Multisport (who I’ve been cycling with) yell for me. That was nice. I didn’t want to break out the Cytomax or GU just yet as I knew there were some rollers on the first stretch and I just wanted to focus on getting over them without burning my quads out. After turning onto Jay rd this was my turf (where I ride all the time) and I knew that it would be a gradual climb so I just settled in, grabbed some liquids, and tried to relax. Before the race had started one of the bike shop dudes told me to pick it up on 63rd like we had practiced and hold the pace. So sure enough as I turned onto 63rd I remember what he said and I tried to pick up the pace. It’s a lot harder to do when you don’t have someone encouraging you while they’re biking in front of you so I picked a guy in front of me (thanks CSU tri club member) and tried to just hold on to his pace. After turning onto the Diagonal I started to slow. I had not eaten my GU and didn’t feel like taking it in. I continually sipped on my Cyotmax and water. I think I just needed to catch my breathe because I eventually got my pace back and even passed a few people.

17.2 mile bike time: 57:40

T2 was fine except for the fact that I started to question my nutrition plan. I knew that I hadn’t taken the GU on the bike like I was supposed to so I started to grab some Cliff Shot Bloks out of my tri-bag. I realized that I didn’t want to unwrap them and deal with the whole thing so I took off without them. This questioning of my food probably slowed me down a bit and I should just stick with my plan in the future.

T2 1:51

Off I went on the run. It starts with a bit of a hill which is always a little defeating. It’s bad enough that your legs feel like tree stumps that are covered in concrete but to have to breach a hill too, ugh. Funny enough the hill is not that steep it just feels like it compared to the rest of the run which is very flat (Illinois flat! Ha). After settling into my pace the run was feeling good. I was still concerned about my nutrition since I knew I was doing the whole race on just a bit of Cytomax so at the first aid station I grabbed a GU. I didn’t eat it yet since I just wasn’t wanting it. The run was hot as always at the rez but I was enjoying it and looking for anyone else sporting the Colorado Multisport tri kit. Finally I saw one other dude (who I didn’t know) wearing the CMS logo. About 3/4 of the way though the run I took half of the GU. Oh yuck, I didn’t look at the packaging when the guy handed it to me but it was GRAPE. Who would ever want this flavor? It was so nasty. Usually I go for the vanilla, orange, or banana. I pick up the pace just because I wanted to finish so that I could drink something to erase this taste from my mouth. As I was heading to the finish I tried to sprint a little but it just wasn’t there. I had raced a faster pace the entire run which left me nowhere to go as far as speed is concerned. It was my fastest 5k in a sprint triathlon so that was good.

5k run time: 28:53

Total time: 1:51:02

After crossing the finish line I downed a bottled water and headed to the Colorado Multisport tent to say hi. I grabbed some pretzels and a banana from the food tent and then headed to the beer tent (you’re surprised that I went to the beer tent, huh?) The beer du jour was Boulder Beer’s Buff Gold. Not my favorite but then again it was free and I really needed to hydrate 😉 After watching the other racers finish from my perch in the beer tent I decided that I should head home. I stopped by the Boulder Creek to ice up my legs and then up the canyon I traveled. Great race, great day and I can’t wait until the Boulder Peak Olympic distance race. 3 weeks out.


~ by willtriforbeer on June 20, 2012.

4 Responses to “Race Report – Boulder 5430 Sprint”

  1. Good job! Thanks for he detailed report…helps give me ideas for my first du in August! 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. I read the whole thing. Who knew you were a good writer too? You don’t like grape? Keep up the good work.

  3. Congrats on another fabulous race! Way to go on the tri 5k PR on the run leg! I really enjoy reading your reports – can’t wait for the next one.

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