Being flexible

My training for today was to do an open water swim of 2000 meters. In order to accomplish this I knew I needed to get up at 4:45am so that I could leave the house by 5:15am and be in the water by 6:20am. I couldn’t be late because the volunteer kayakers need to get out of the water at 7:40am so that they can make it to their real jobs (thanks to those volunteers who make this whole thing possible!). Everything was working perfectly until I saw a moose standing on the side of the road. I ♥ moose, therefore, I must stop and take pictures every time I see them. She was beautiful and not very old. As I was taking photos of her I saw a young deer walk out of the woods behind her. I thought it was funny that I was taking photos of two kinds of animals in one shot. I mean, it’s not like it was a mountain lion in the background but still pretty neat.

I got back to driving and realized that I have now prevented myself from being able to swim the course twice and would be only able to do one lap in my allowed time. “Okay, I’m flexible, I will just swim 1000 meters today” I thought. I pulled into the main parking lot at the rez and I got the last parking spot (next to the porta potty). I got my towel out and set it on the ground and started gathering my stuff so that I could start the process of squeezing into my wetsuit. “Wait a minute, where’s my wetsuit”. I started searching through my truck while at the same time re-tracing my morning steps in my head. I had my wetsuit while I was carrying 4 bags and 2 towels out to my truck. I know I had it in my hands as I left the kitchen. It must have slipped out while going through the laundry room or the garage. I don’t remember putting it along with the other bags into my truck. So there it was…I was at a large open body of water ready to swim and had no wetsuit to speak of.

So I began thinking “Okay, I’m flexible, what kind of a workout can I do today”. I found my old running shoes which I had stashed in my truck (I guess for a purpose such as this). I found my socks from cycling yesterday (stinky but I couldn’t be picky). So running it would be! I grabbed some old crappy shorts and decided I would run in my TYR swim/tri bra and the only shirt I had to wear was my pajama top which I had just worn to drive in (I never imagined I would need it for running). I looked ridiculous especially running the same trail as Boulder’s elites in their matching tri gear but what the hell…it was better than taking the day off.  I ran around the lake and had a pretty good run considering. Guess it goes to show me that no matter what I should always be flexible and able to adapt to whatever life throws at me.


~ by willtriforbeer on July 6, 2012.

One Response to “Being flexible”

  1. I LOVE this! That’s what it’s all about – being flexible and taking time for the things that make you happy!

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