Glacier National Park, Montana -Day 1

We left at 6am to drop off the puppy at doggie camp (aka, boarding facility) before hitting the road for a long day of driving. Driving was pretty uneventful;  music, antelopes, deer, and many stops for gas.

We arrived in Helena, Montana around 6:30pm…just enough time to grab some beers at Blackfoot River Brewing before they closed. Montana tap rooms are required to quit providing beers by 8pm (lame). State law also requires that a single brewery can only serve a single patron 48 ounces of beer per day (also kinda lame). Not that I was planning on having more than 48 ounces 😉 State law also prevents a tap room/small brewery from serving food (definitely not cool in my book). Some breweries have been able to get around these strict regulations by separating their “brewery” from their “food service”. They are able to have a separate space or building where they hold their brewery license and then have a food/liquor license for the adjoining space for selling food and other alcoholic beverages as well as their own beer. Examples of these are the Montana Brewing Company and the Great Northern Brewing Company.

The beers were great! For the first round, I had the Single Malt IPA which had 55 IBU’s and 6.9 ABV. Hubby had the Double Black Diamond Extreme Stout with 6.9 ABV. Next round consisted of the Magnum IPA (6.8 ABV) for me and the Organic Porter for hubby. We drank outside on a cute rooftop patio overlooking part of the city. The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a better setting.

We checked into the Holiday Inn across the street from the brewery. The room was very nice, clean, and reasonably priced.  I would definitely stay there again. Since we were starving (ok, not starving, but really hungry) by this point we ate at the closest place we could find which was the Quarry Bar and Grill. It was okay at best and they weren’t even sure about the kinds of beers that they served. Oh well, not everything can be perfect.

Hubby is a big fan of ordering pizza whenever we stay in a hotel since it is one of the luxuries we don’t have living in the mountains. He ordered from Godfathers Pizza and though the pizza was gross according to him, he finished it.


~ by willtriforbeer on August 19, 2012.

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