Glacier National Park, Montana -Day 2

We woke up in Helena, MT with no alarm and took our time getting ready. We walked the outdoor shopping area before getting back in the truck. We had only a 4 hour drive and just were not in a hurry. Hubby grabbed a coffee at Montana Coffee Traders (he highly recommends).

Driving took us on some beautiful roads and off the highways. We drove by gorgeous lakes and next to mammoth mountain ranges. We finally ended up on some 4 wheel dirt roads before reaching our destination of Kintla Lake in the northwest section of Glacier National Park. This area has only 13 tent sites that are set up next to the lake and creek. The area is known for being very remote, full of wildlife, and only about 14 miles from the Canadian border (we could see Canadian mountain tops). It was absolutely gorgeous! We got a campsite with the best view of the lake. We set off on the hike around the lake and being the good little hikers we are, we made lots of noise to ward off the bears. When hiking in Grizzly country, the so-called “bear bells” are not enough. It is advised to yell out, clap, and make other loud noises so that you don’t surprise a bear by accidentally sneaking up on them. Most attacks occur because the bear got scared and charged out of fear. We hiked for only about 6 miles and never once saw a bear…guess we did our job 🙂

The water in the lake was so clear you could see all the way to the bottom. The bottom of the lake was lined with multi-colored river rocks. The reservoir that I regularly swim in is nasty compared to how this lake looked. I couldn’t wait to get in it! I didn’t care how cold it was…I wanted in that crystal clear water. Got my swim diggs on and headed out. Some of the other people were definitely looking at me like I had lost my marbles. It was cold but doable. If I had my wetsuit with me I would have swam for an hour, easily.

As I was drying out, hubby grabbed me a cold Tumbleweed IPA from Lewis & Clark Brewing in Helena, MT. We sat by the lake soaking it all in while enjoying our ales. Dinner was comprised of pork sausages (white wine and gruyere cheese) with sautéed spinach, peppers, onions and couscous. We were certain the bears would come out after that, ha.

Miles away from Ordinary


~ by willtriforbeer on August 19, 2012.

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