Glacier National Park, Montana -Day 4

Drove the Going to the Sun road and yes the road feels like you are driving towards the sun. It gradually gains in elevation towards Logan Pass from the West Glacier side. The drop offs on the right side are enough to make you piddle your pants.  Along the way we saw mountain goats that were just chillin on some rocks and several amazing waterfalls.

Going to the Sun Road

Mountain Goats

After 15 minutes of circling around the Logan Pass parking lot we finally got a space. We hiked the Garden Wall trail which had sweeping views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. It was a gorgeous 11 mile hike but was too crowded for our taste.

Garden Wall

Big Horn Sheep


Mountain goat looking right at me

We were impressed with this hike until we experienced the next 2 hikes! On the way back to camp that night we stopped by the river so that I could ice my legs. With all the hiking we were going to be doing I figured it was going to be a good move to get some icing done every night.


We camped at Avalanche Lake in the park that night. We cooked up some more pork sausages with sauteed spinach, peppers, onions and couscous. It’s an easy and tasty dish that we love. I think we ate it a total of 3 nights during this trip 😉

I paired Sam Adams Third Voyage Double IPA with dinner while hubby drank Reunion Ale ’12 which is a collaboration between Terrapin Beer Co. and Shmaltz brewing. The double IPA was good especially for the price but not one of my favs. My next beer was Hop Notch IPA from Unita (good solid IPA) while hubby had Double Chocolate Stout from the Fort Collins Brewery in CO. Thankfully we did not have any visits from bears during the night.


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