Glacier National Park, Montana -Day 5

Day 5 started off raining. We had got up at 5am to avoid people on the road and people on the trail. We were the first ones to the trail head and we packed our gear so that we were prepared for a rainy day. Our goal for the day: Siyeh Pass Trail. It is an 12 mile point to point hike with elevation gains of 3,450 feet.

The first part of the trail from Sunrift Gorge cuts through berry patches which were in full bloom. Nothing better than hiking through foggy berry patches in Grizzly country! It’s kinda funny hiking through the forest yelling out crazy stuff and trying to constantly make noise. We found ourselves sounding like vendors at the ball park “beer here”, “get your ice cold beer here”, “hot dogs, cotton candy, and red hots”! We must have been loud enough because we didn’t run into any bears. In fact, we only ran into 2 other couples on the hike…ah, solitude!

Hubby getting rained on

The next part of the hike was through a conifer forest where it started to snow on us. For a little while it was sleeting and stinging our faces when it made contact. Oddly enough we were having a blast. I think we really enjoy crazy weather!

Starting to snow

Snow for summer vacation

When we finally made it to the saddle it was a full blown snow storm complete with fog and not much visibility. It must have been beautiful but we’ll just have to come back another day to see the views.

The saddle

After the saddle, the fog started to clear a bit, it quit raining, and the temperature did not feel quite as cold. The views were probably the most spectacular I’ve ever seen! There were alpine lakes, long waterfalls, a glacier, peaks all around, and everywhere we looked…beauty!

St Mary’s Lake at the bottom

Eerily beautiful


Columbian Ground Squirrel



I can’t add anything more than what the photos can so I feel like I just don’t have anything to say! A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

Scanning the hillside for bears!

The last waterfall

This was definitely one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. It was everything you’d want out of a hike and I was exhausted afterwards! We took a shuttle back to our truck, drove to the Rising Sun campground in the park where we got the 2nd to the last tent site. Whew! We, of course, cooked our regular sausage, pepper & onion dish. I imbibed Going to the Sun IPA while hubby enjoyed Old No. 38 Stout from North Coast Brewing. We were in “bed” by 8:30pm. Tired. Happy. Ready for more the next day!


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  1. I am glad you let me know about your website cause now I feel like I was in Montana with you. I loved the pictures and only wish I were young enough to hike to see such views. I’m jealous but happy for the two of you! Enjoy

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