Glacier National Park, Montana – Last Day

On the last night in Glacier we camped in the Two Medicine area. We set up camp, made dinner of Hot Chili Beans and pasta, and cracked open some brewskis. We had Big Sky IPA in the can. A lot of people we know like it in the can. Ha ha!

We decided to walk over to the lake with our beers to see if we could spot any wildlife. We were standing on the bridge smooching when I saw some movement up on the hillside. Hubby couldn’t see it and thought I was making stuff up. I swore it looked like a bear. I kept telling him which direction it was moving but I wasn’t describing the location very well. It went something like this “he’s right there by that green bush”, “now he’s near that rock”. Hubby finally went to get the binoculars from the truck. He started scanning the hillside. “You’re right…that’s a bear!” he said. Turns out that it was a blonde black beer. Black bears can range from blonde to solid black and any combination there of. I didn’t get any good photos due to him being far away and my camera sucking but he was beautiful to watch through the binoculars!

The next morning we had planned to sleep in…still woke up by 6am. We made eggs and bacon (thinking of John H) while we were freezing our tushes off! We love cold so it was actually nice! We took our time breaking down camp since we were only driving about 7 hours that day and weren’t in a hurry.

We  went canoeing for our last adventure on our vacation. It was a gorgeous morning and we were the first out on Two Medicine lake. Of course, we were looking for wildlife but saw none. It was great to paddle again and we really need to get some boats for next summer.

We drove to Billings, Montana where we stayed at the Crown Plaza. This hotel is within a 3 block radius of 4 breweries! We knew that 3 of them quit serving at 8pm so we planned to hit those first. At Carter’s brewing I had the Imperial IPA which was more citrusy than floral. I prefer floral hoppiness. Hubby had the Farmhouse ale which he liked for a change from his usual dark beers. We split the 5 Year Session red ale which was good.

Next up was Yellowstone Valley Brewing. I really enjoyed their Numbskull IPA. It had nice nose to it. Hubby got the Sharp Tooth Organic Smoked porter which he said at the time was his favorite beer from the trip. I think his favorite is always the one he has in his hand. 😉

We didn’t make it in time to go to Angry Hanks Brewery (can’t drink as fast as I did in college, ha). So we went to the last brewery that stays open later and serves food…Montana Brewing Company. The beers and food was fantastic. Hubby really enjoyed the Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed breakfast brown ale. It was really dark with coffee hints. My Holy Hooligans double red ale was pretty darn good as well.

The next day was a long day of driving. We were sad that the vacation was ending but excited to pick up puppy! We missed him so! Cheers to the next adventure!


~ by willtriforbeer on August 23, 2012.

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