Utah – part two

Early rise and shine at 5:30am. We drove to the southern area of the park where the waterpocket fold lies. The waterpocket fold is a geologic monocline (a wrinkle on the earth) extending almost 100 miles. We drove south from hwy 24 on Notom road which turns into a fun dirt road for about 30 miles. We turned onto the Burr-trail road and instantly realized that this road was even more kick-ass than the last. It was filled with crazy switchbacks of hard packed dirt that climbed quickly up the side of a butte to the trailhead leading to the Lower Muley trail. We were the only ones there. In fact, when we checked the registration log no one had signed in for three weeks. Yes, we would have solitude today!

We climbed down into the wash which we followed south climbing over chock stones and small boulders. There was one area that was much like a slot canyon with narrow walls, water in the bottom, and you have to be creative to pass through. This was my favorite part.

The Lower Muley trail goes on for something like 23 miles one way which we were not about to tackle. Instead we opted for hiking for as long as we liked and then just turning around. The only wildlife that we saw in the canyon were tiny lizards, a tiny frog, and a tiny snake which slithered across my path and made me scream. I don’t know what it is about snakes but they always make me scream out loud (SOL ?). We agreed that we liked the canyon from the day before better (not that this one was bad) and after 2 hours of hiking in we decided to turn around.

The next canyon that we wanted to check out was called Surprise Canyon (we don’t know what the surprise was). It was a hot hike across a field to the wash and to where the canyon began. The trail is not very well marked but if you follow the wash you can’t get lost. It’s not a very long hike, 1.5 miles one-way.

Near the end of the trail the was a somewhat steep slab to climb if you wanted to continue on. Hubby scrambled up it quickly then it was my turn. I started to over think it, my calves were burning from taking so much time figuring out the best route, and I was already so burnt out from all of the hiking. I backed down, told hubby to continue and that I would wait for him here. I sat on a rock, resting my spent muscles and thinking about what a wuss I was being. For crying out loud, I’m better than this, I thought to myself. I called myself a few choice names and yelled at myself to “suck it up buttercup!” All in my head of course, not out loud. I got on the rock and kept telling myself to just smear my way up, trust in your footholds, and know that your Vibram soles will stick. I pushed through and made it to the top!

The way back down that section was worse, of course, than climbing up, but I made it. It really made me realize that I’m not the rock climber I used to be. Back in the day that wouldn’t have made me think twice but I just don’t rock climb anymore and I’ve lost my touch ;).

Back at camp we made a feast! We realized that we had forgot the hot dog buns at the house so we had to hodgepodge a dinner out of what we had. I used the flour tortillas that were left over to make “taco dogs” with lettuce, onion, cheese and the mustard and ketchup packets that I snagged from a gas station. Hubby made a “hot dog spinach salad” by mixing the hot dogs with a can of chili and pouring it on top of a bed of spinach, onion, and shredded cheese. Both dinners turned out surprisingly good! We paired our fabulous concoctions with a beer from Funkwerks in Ft. Collins, CO. It’s from the Wild Wild Brett Series and is a dark hoppy ale brewed with Colorado blue spruce tips. Not a bad beer. We also had Sierra Nevada Summerfest ale and Boulder Beer’s Hoopla Pale Ale.

Unfortunately, we did not get to see the deer parade before the sun set 😦 but it was still a beautiful night.


~ by willtriforbeer on September 9, 2012.

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