Coyote, Elk, Bear and Beers

This was another fabulous Friday. Not just because it was Friday but because of the circumstances surrounding it. It started out with seeing a coyote this morning on my drive in to work. He was a good looking guy (yes, I’m assuming he was a dude, but don’t really know). He had a nice coat and looked well fed.

While at work, I dreamed about the 22oz bomber of Stone “Enjoy by 11/09/12” IPA that was just sitting in the fridge getting closer and closer to expiring by the minute. Literally, this beer expires on 11/09/12 and is pulled off of any remaining shelves at liquor stores. Since it was only stocked in Colorado and Ohio and liquor stores were given small quantities of it there probably won’t be any to pull off. Stone Brewing are a bunch of geniuses with this one! Make a beer that everyone is going to want anyway and sell it in small batches and make it short lived. Genius! I couldn’t wait to get home and crack open that beer.

While driving home, I saw the heard of elk that frequent that area. They are amazing creatures and I’m always extremely happy to see them.

I was so happy that to see the elk that it made my night. I started thinking about that awesome beer that was waiting for me at home. I didn’t think that things could get any better and that was when I saw the bear! I couldn’t believe it. He was just cruising along the right side of the road. Of course it is hard to get the truck pulled over, while grabbing the camera, while trying to keep your eye on the bear, so my pictures did not come out that well but he was still very fun to see.

Now I was really thrilled! Bears are my 2nd favorite animals (moose being #1). I love where I live and what I get to see all the time. I saw two people with a dog on the side of the road taking pictures so I slowed down to tell them about the bear and that’s when I noticed the sunset. Wow! “Seriously,” I thought. Can I see anymore beauty tonight (still waiting for that beautiful beer)?

This drive home was so exciting and I still had that special beer waiting for me along with my hubby, my puppy, a meal of Ale-Braised Sausages with Red Bell Peppers and a fire in the wood stove! What a day!

Cheers ya’ll!


~ by willtriforbeer on October 19, 2012.

One Response to “Coyote, Elk, Bear and Beers”

  1. Seriously you have to get out into the REAL world, this is too cool to be real. I am not sure if I saw the bear or not….is it the black shadow in the thick of the woods? If so I saw it. He was a big dude. Enjoy your weekend.

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