Brussels, Belgium – Day two

Day two did not start out until we awoke at 11:30am. Whoops, we ended up sleeping for 14 hours because we were so tired. I couldn’t believe it! I’m the type of person that never sleeps in, always getting up between 5am – 6:30am even on the weekends. Oh well, we knew that we wanted to get to the Musée royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique (Fine Arts Museum of Belgium) today and it closed at 5pm so we quickly got ready and headed out.

We walked back through the Grand Place area and stopped at Salles aux Etages on the square for a beer. Hubby ordered the Grimbergen Brune and I had the Waterloo D Brune. Both were very good brown ales. Sitting on the square and people watching was quite interesting. We heard all types of different languages being spoke and saw most people taking pictures of the historic buildings.DSCF5765



At the Fine Arts Museum we saw the works of Rogier van der Weyden (one of my favorites from my art history classes), Pieter Bruegel, Hans Memling, Petrus Christus, Dirk Bouts, and Heironymous Bosch. I love seeing the painting up close and personal while remembering them from college. I never thought that I would see any of those painting and throughout my adulthood I’ve ended up seeing many of them.

So by now it was approximately 5pm and we had not eaten a thing since yesterday. I was feeling weak from no food so we had to stop at the first thing we saw…a frites stand. Yes, more fries!

Afterwards we moved on to La Rubens Primus, a cafe just off the square. I found it pretty cool that everyone eats and drinks outside no matter the temperature. We’re from the mountains of Colorado so we are no stranger to cold but even we were thinking that it’s too cold to sit outside. But when in Rome….so we pulled up a table and drank with our gloves on. Hubby ordered the Tongerloo Brune 6 and I had the Charles Quint 8. Another very cool thing about beers in Belgium is that they must be served in the required glassware for the style of beer. The name of the particular beer needs to be printed on the glass too. Very nice for helping us to remember all of the beers that we had. ha ha.


We wanted to sample one more beer before dinner so we stopped at the Little Delirium (the smaller cafe of Delirium Tremens). I had the Bersalis tripel and hubby had the Cuvee Fagnes scotch beer. Both were just okay.

Dinner was at La Rose Blanche. We sat next to a wonderful couple from England who had taken the train over. Hubby had the Carbonnade la Flamande while I had the Braised Lamb Shank. Both hubby and I order the Afflingem Dubble with dinner. This was one of our best dinning experiences while there.

After dinner, we set out to find a cafe that was recommended to us by a guy that we met the night before from Philadelphia that worked (or owned) the Memphis Taproom (thanks Brendan!). The cafe was called Poechenellekelder. It was such a cute and quaint place to have a brew. I quaffed the St. Bernardus abt 12 while hubby imbibed in the Noir de Dottignies and the Gluden Draak. This was one of the best “bars” that we drank at.




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  1. I miss the easy access to fries and beer 😦 These post are great, it’s a fun way to spend my lunch breaks! I had carbonnade and it was by far one of the best meals I had while there.

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