Brugges, Belgium

We had to get up at 5am to catch the metro from Gare Nord to Gare Midi in order to be on the train to Brugges by 7am. We were pleased with how we were able to navigate the trains and the train stations. They really are user friendly. People would even ask us where the train was going. ha.

The only problem with directions that we had the entire trip was when we arrive in Brugges. It was still pitch black out even though it was close to 9am. We left the train station out what we thought were the main doors and we were having difficulty finding the city center. We eventually back tracked and realized that we had come out of an entrance that was not the main entrance. After we figured that out everything was great.

Walking to our hotel, The Prisenhof, took only about 10 min and was a beautiful stroll down cobblestone roads that were only the width of one car (they were mostly one-way roads). We laughed at how there would be no way our Toyota Tundra would be able to drive down these tiny little roadways.



We checked into the sweet little hotel which had the nicest staff and the best holiday decorations. The room was fabulous!




The first order of business was to check out the city centre, the market, and climb the Bell Tower. The Bell tower was beautiful and provided wide open views of the city.



Brugges was smaller and more quiet of course than Brussels. It drizzled for most of the day but we didn’t mind. To avoid the rain for a little bit we ducked into a very small cafe (2 be) which had only 6 tables inside. I ordered the Palm Dubbel and hubby had the Gouden Carolus Christmas.


We ate a late lunch at Cafe Central. I had crevette croquettes (shrimp croquettes) and mussels au grautin. Both were very good but very rich. Hubby had carbonnade (flemish stew). I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant based on the snobbishness of the waiters that we had.



We stopped in at the Church of our Lady to see if we could catch a glimpse of a Michelangelo statue that we had heard you could see for free. They now have it behind a partition which you had to pay for the tour to see the statue…so we passed.

Next we headed off to De Halves Maan, the only brewery in Brugges. It was great! The lady that gave the tour had a dry sense of humor and really made the whole experience. We even got to go on the roof and get great views of the city.


We had the Bruge Zot blonde and the Straffe Hendrix Quadruple (my favorite of the trip). This brewery was worth the trip.



We capped off the night with some more frites from the stand outside of the Bell tower and headed back to our hotel. We got decent sleep but had to be up early again the next morning to take the train back to Brussels and then on to Amsterdam.


~ by willtriforbeer on December 27, 2012.

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  1. It’a beautiful city, but still very touristy. Did you get a chance to wonder some of the back lanes? It still amazes me that people actually live and go about their daily business there. Way awesome Zot shot!

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