Amsterdam – Day one

We got up at 7am in Brugges and walked though the little town of cobblestone streets back to the train station. We took the train to Brussels and then caught the Thalys train to Amsterdam. We purchased the tickets in the states before we left for the trip and found that we couldn’t guarantee a seat unless we booked first class. So first class it was and it was worth it. The waiter was fabulous, the chairs were so comfy, the restroom was easily accessible, free wi-fi, the food was some of the best that we had on the whole trip, and beer was free! I highly recommend it.

Arriving in Amsterdam at the train station we were on the north side of the city compared to where our hotel was on the south side. Thank goodness we had everything in backpacks which made it much easier navigating the overly crowded city. Amsterdam was very crowded, bicyclists were everywhere (and I’m from Boulder, CO), traffic signals are confusing, and everyone smokes (yes, marijuana and cigarettes). We quickly tried to find the side streets to get away from the crowds and touristy areas. We dropped off our stuff at the hotel, the Marriott, and headed back out to find a brewery that we had read about. We couldn’t remember the name (or pronounce it) so we wandered around for a while trying to find it. We passed through the red light district, many of the smoke shops, and across a few of the canals. Amsterdam was unique but a little to populated and big city like for this mountain girl.


Finally, we saw the brewery, which is attached to a windmill at the end of a waterway. We walked along the canal freezing our butts off. When we got inside the brewery it was so crowded that we choose to freeze a little more and drink our brews at the picnic tables outside. The brewery was called Brouwerij’t IJ. It was great! They had about 10 different brews available. I chose the Ijnde Jaars, a 9% abv unclassified beer (I had two of them). To me it tasted similar to a barleywine that’s made with Belgian yeast or possibly a Belgian Quad. It was one of the top three beers that we had during our whole trip. Hubby had the Columbus, a 9% abv 100% organic amber beer, the Naat, a 6% abv dubbel that was also organic, and he finished off with the Plzen, a 5% abv blonde beer. This was a fun brewery and definitely worth the long walk.



And oh yeah, this day was Thanksgiving back in the states. We had a hard time finding a good restaurant to eat at that night, it was getting late, and we were very tired so we ate at an Italian place near our hotel: Sette Bello on Leidsedwarsstraat. The food was not good and we suspect that is were our credit card number was stolen (that’s a whole different adventure). I do not recommend it, blech.


~ by willtriforbeer on December 29, 2012.

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  1. It’s funny Janelle and I went back and forth about if I should bring backpacks or not. I ended up bringing a rolling Eagle Creek bag (I feel like a pussy rolling it, but whatever, it was a gift from my lovely wife!) and found that it was great if you have a car like we did, but running through an airport I just had to pick it up! I think I want a rolling backpack so I’d have the option. You can bring the boy out of Colorado, but…

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