Amsterdam – Day three

The day started out with more walking. We estimated that every day of our trip we were walking around 15 miles a day at least. We wandered to slightly new areas of the city and found a nice restaurant for an early lunch: Barca. We both had a grilled chicken pesto sandwich and Heineken beers. We were gearing up since we would be heading to the Heineken Brewery after lunch.

It’s called the Heineken Experience. The original Heineken brewery that has now turned into something closer to Epcot. You get to tour the brewery, play with many interactive games, see the draft horses, become one with a movie about beer (you’d have to see/experience it for yourself), take a tasting demo about why beer has bubbles and a foam head, and then at the end you get to drink Heineken, of course.




We took a canal ride after the tour and were able to drink more Heineken on the boat. Yay! The canal ride was beautiful. I’m starting to enjoy being on boats and around water more and more these days. It was a good way to see the city.




We had tickets to see the symphony at Concertgebouw that night and figured we’d want a late night snack afterwards so we stopped in a cute little store to buy wine, salami style meats, cheeses, a baguette, and for dessert: some stroopwaffles. On the same street: Staalstraat, we found the best little cafes (bars) and chocolate store. We stopped into Restaurant Frenzie for a glass of wine and were delighted by how cute and quaint it was. Later we grabbed a beer at De Staalmeesters which probably can’t hold more than 25 people and we were numbers 24 & 25 to enter. We squeezed into a tiny space at the bar and felt like true locals. This area is not near the touristy area called Leidseplein and we wished that we had found this area on the first night. I can’t remember the name of the chocolate store but it was just across the street.

We had an early diner at Sorel’s Midtown bar below our hotel. It was very good. We both had burgers and fries and the waiter even brought me ketchup since he knew that I was from the states. I happily ate it.

The symphony was great. People don’t dress up as much over there since they feel that it is too pretentious. The beer/wine/bubbly water was all included with your ticket so we didn’t have to pay extra. The symphony sounded amazing as they did pieces from Tchaikovsky and had a quest cellist perform.



After the symphony we headed back to the hotel for wine, meat, cheese, and bread. It was nice to relax in the room and enjoy the end of our vacation. We had to get up early the next morning to start our 24 hour trip back to the states. We got a great tip to take the public bus (Schiphol Sternet 197) to the Amsterdam airport. It was easy and cheap at $4.00 per person.


~ by willtriforbeer on December 29, 2012.

4 Responses to “Amsterdam – Day three”

  1. You cant beat the Heineken experience for staff with great moustaches…!!!! Another beer to try there is Duval – be careful as its stronger than it tastes…

  2. Very cool, glad you got to experience the build your own lunch fun. I’m still missing the baguettes (not code).

  3. Also, thanks for the bottle opener/postcard, ironically the second gifted bottle opener from Europe!

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