Amsterdam – Day two

We started out the day looking for some yummy breakfast and once again found that people in Amsterdam don’t get up very early and don’t seem to be big on breakfast. We saw a couple of places that sold pastries that we’re not much into so usually we just didn’t eat until lunch. We stood in line to see the Anne Frank house. It was crazy to think of how things were back then and what that family had to go though. Hubby and I actually got dizzy and nauseous inside of the small rooms and VERY narrow stairwells. It didn’t help that there were about 25-30 people crammed into these small rooms all trying to see the same exhibits.




We wandered around some more of the back street just getting a feel for the city. I had looked up another brewery before we had left the states and had an idea of where it was so we wandered in that direction. Eventually we came upon the brewery, Brouwerj De Prael. The inside was very cute and well decorated. They had a grand beer selection but since we hadn’t eaten yet for the day we only had one beer each. I had the Mary barleywine (9.3 abv) which was good but, in my opinion, not nearly as good as American styled barleywines. Hubby had the Nick and Simon IPA (6.0 abv) which once again doesn’t have the hoppy punch as American IPA’s but it was still fun to try.


Now we were on the hunt for food! We wandered along more canals and down more one-way streets until we found AmstelHoeck which was along the Amstel canal and had an outdoor patio with heat lamps. Both of our meals were good and of course we drank Amstel beer. The views were beautiful.


The canals were really beautiful at night and walking around the city was quite nice. The bike population really impressed me. They were just parked all over the place and half the time they weren’t even locked up.




~ by willtriforbeer on December 29, 2012.

One Response to “Amsterdam – Day two”

  1. All I can say about breakfast in France is “Pain au chocolate”. Kicked ass with fresh coffee each day, but Janelle tries to limit my sugar intake! 😉

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