Salt Lake City, Utah – part 1

We had decided to head to Utah for some skiing over the long holiday weekend. Hubby is a pretty darn good snowboarder and I, well, just as most things, am a very slow skier. Our plan was to fly to Salt Lake City and use the bus system to get to the ski resorts. We got all packed and headed out the door to take puppy to the boarding facility in Boulder, Camp Bow Wow. The route to get there was blocked by a stuck train so we tried to go around the tracks and enter from the other side. The train was not moving and the traffic was completely backed up so that we were not able to get to the street that we needed. We were on a schedule and could NOT miss our flight so I drove to a side street and hubby and I hit the pavement running. Hubby took the puppy and his dog bed and I took the dog food. We ran all the way to Camp Bow Wow because we don’t mess around! At check-in, puppy took off towards the play room to romp with all of his little doggie friends and hubby and I were back running towards the truck so that we weren’t late for the airport. Whew…what a way to start the trip!

The flight was easy and went off without a hitch. It took us longer to drive to the airport than it did to fly all the way there. The SLC airport was pretty nice and easy to navigate. We caught the 550 bus from the SLC Airport to downtown and got off at the station at 600 West 250 South. We walked the rest of the way with our skis, boots, and backpacks weighing us down. We don’t mind carrying our stuff or having to walk long distances because it keeps us young. If you don’t use it, you lose it!

We stayed at the Hyatt Place Downtown. It was a very nice hotel and the service was great! After checking in and dropping off our stuff we jumped on the 509 bus towards Uinta Brewing located at 1722 Fremont. The bus driver called out the stop just for us so that we didn’t miss it. Thanks bus driver dude!

Uinta has been over the past 2 years one of our favorite breweries with such stand out beers as: Labyrinth, Tilted Smile, Anniversary Barleywine, and Dubhe Black IPA but with Utah’s limiting beer laws all that were on tap were some of the boring 4.0 beer. You could buy some of the higher alcohol beers but were not allowed to consume them on the premises. So, hubby sampled the Kings Peak porter and the Wylde Organic extra pale ale and I tasted the Yard Sale winter lager and the Cutthroat pale ale. They were all just okay and before we became self described “beer snobs” we would have probably loved them. Before we left we purchased a new release called Sea Legs Baltic porter to enjoy in the hotel room later. It turned out to be great!


We took the 509 back to downtown and walked around looking for a place to eat. We hadn’t eaten all day (rare for me). We decided on Red Rock Brewing. Nice venue, okay beers, and bland food. We had drank/eaten there many years ago and were more impressed back then. Maybe it’s just a case of the aforementioned “beer snobbery”. I had the Elephino double IPA at 8%. The waitress called it the Ele-feeno but after hearing me pronounce it Ele-fino (hell-if-I-know) I’m sure she walked away thinking “Oh, now I get it.” Hubby had the Irish ale and the Bobcat brown ale both of which were just okay.


We walked back in the freezing cold and damp air to snuggle up in our hotel. We called it a night since we had to get up early for skiing/snowboarding!


~ by willtriforbeer on January 27, 2013.

3 Responses to “Salt Lake City, Utah – part 1”

  1. Joe “is a pretty darn good snowboarder”? He must have improved this season…

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