Salt Lake City, Utah – part 2

Alarm goes off at 7am. We started getting dressed to hit the slopes. I had already looked up the bus info so we knew where to go. No big deal, or so I thought!

We walked to the bus stop from our hotel and let me just say that Salt Lake City has some of the longest blocks that I’ve ever seen. On a map what looks to be about 3 block it really closer to 6 blocks. It took us much longer than anticipated to walk to the stop. When we arrive there we realized that we missed the first bus at 8:01am. I said “no big deal, we’ll just catch the next one in 30 minutes.” Hubby starts perusing his iPhone for bus data. He tells me that he thinks there’s only one bus. “No way, it said they come every 30 minutes.” We looked at a sign attached to the stop which clearly shows only one bus. I’m thinking that’s got to be crazy that there’s only one bus to get to the slopes. We walked, without talking, back to the hotel. I was feeling extremely bad that there really was only one bus and that I just ruin hubby’s chance to board today. He was contemplating other ways to fix the mess that we were in.

At the hotel we had the front desk help us with bus info. She read what I had read which was that they come every 30 minutes. The long and the short of it is: the buses run every 30 minutes from Midvale which is actually a separate city just south of Salt Lake City and there’s only one bus that runs to Midvale from downtown SLC. We were screwed and had to other plans.

We made the best of it by making the long trek to Epic Brewing. It was freezing cold so along the way we walked through the indoor part of the City Creek Center shopping. Nice shopping area but I find that they are all the same these days. It took us almost an hour to get there. Turns out that with the crazy Utah beer laws each of us would have had to order and meal to sample the beers. We looked at the list of beers and we had already drank most of them in Colorado and we just weren’t hungry so we left. As we started walking back I realized that this day was turning out to be a bust. We had walked so far for beer and didn’t get any. I had read a nice write up about a bar called the Bayou that we passed earlier…so the Bayou it was! I ordered a beer that I first sampled this last summer in Montana, Hop Rising Double IPA by Squatters. Since what I ordered was in a bottle it was 9% abv and had a great flavor! Ahhhh.


We walked around the city some more freezing our tails off before we called it a day. Back at the hotel we ordered pizza and cracked open the Sea Legs Baltic Porter from Uinta. The porter was great and the pizza was really good so not a bad end to a lame day. Besides, hubby and I got to spend some time together which is hard to come by these days.



~ by willtriforbeer on January 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Salt Lake City, Utah – part 2”

  1. Joe would have de-friended me if I we had missed the bus! Utah laws are weird and sad…

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