Salt Lake City, Utah – part 3

We learned from our mistakes the day before. We got up at 6:30am and hustled to the bus stop. There was NO WAY we were missing the bus today! The bus ride wasn’t bad at all and we were surprised with how it doesn’t fill up. In Colorado that would have been standing room only for sure. It was a little over an hour to get to Snowbird and it was looking to be a gorgeous day!

Hubby is a great snowboarder and basically I suck at skiing. I’m quite okay with this though. I have never taken lessons or put in the effort to ski enough times in a year where I could develop the motor skills needed for good skiing. As with anything, if it’s important to you, you’ll put the time into it. Skiing is something that I just do for fun and of course I love being out in the snow, trees, fresh air and then capping off the day with a brew. A bad day of skiing is still a great time overall.

Hubby took to the blues and blacks in a different part of the mountain while I started out on the greens. We skied separately for a while and then met up later for some runs together. He had a great day at Snowbird and really enjoyed the runs on the backside (through the tunnel).


In the photo above you can see the smog that gets trapped between the two mountain ranges and hovers over Salt Lake City. It was about 30 degrees warmer at the ski resort and sunny with blue skies while in Salt Lake it was freezing cold and damp the whole time. Crazy.


Afterwards we grabbed some beers in the Tram Club at the resort. Hubby had the Sierra Nevada porter…not bad. We HAD to make sure to catch the bus back or we would have been sleeping somewhere in Midvale. ha ha.


We dropped off our skis and made our way to Squatters for some dinner and more beers. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was nice. Hubby had the IPA and the Full Suspension pale ale while I had the Radio From Hell red ale.




~ by willtriforbeer on January 27, 2013.

One Response to “Salt Lake City, Utah – part 3”

  1. That smog is crazy, but I guess you appreciate the fresh air more at the resort.

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