Salt Lake City, Utah – part 4

By now we knew what we were doing as far as catching the buses to the slopes. We headed to Brighton ski resort. It’s a smaller, less crowed resort which I liked a lot. As we were putting our stuff away in the lockers I realized that I lost my ski goggles somewhere between getting off the bus and the locker room. I backtracked but no luck. I checked the lost and found but no luck. I asked around until one of the old ski dudes that worked there told me that he had an extra pair in his locker. I think he must have bought these goggles back in the 70’s but I really appreciated not having to buy highly overpriced goggles at the resort. Thanks old ski dude!

We stayed together most of the day since we found some pretty fun greens that hubby wasn’t getting too bored on. We also found that we could take the same lift up and then I take a green run down and hubby could take the blue run next to it. This was working out perfect!

I enjoyed Brighton much more than Snowbird. I had room to practice carving my turns and the snow really wasn’t that bad for groomed trails. It was warm out which had softened up the snow and the sun made for a beautiful day!



Hubby got some sweet jumps in…


It was an all around good day…


And afterwards the drill is: beers on the patio!



Can’t believe that hubby went with the Bud tall boy but I chose the Viennese lager from Bohemian brewery and it was one of the best beers that I had on the trip. It’s a small brewery in Midvale that brews only lagers. Damn fine brew!

After dropping our skis off back at the hotel we decided to walk to the Red Iguana. How did I choose the Red Iguana you ask? Well, after working out one day at our gym in Boulder there was a Volvo parked next to me with a rocket box covered in stickers just like mine. I was checking out their stickers and was one for the Red Iguana in SLC. I figured that anyone with a rocket box covered in stickers must have good taste. ha ha. So thanks to whoever drove that vehicle that day cause we had a great dinner of Mexican food and margaritas!


~ by willtriforbeer on January 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Salt Lake City, Utah – part 4”

  1. Beautiful pics! I lost my goggles one time and being young and “invincible” I skied the final few hours without….it wasn’t that sunny. Long story short, I actually burned my retinas and had to go on steroids for the inflammation before it got better. Felt like there was sand in my eyes for days 😦

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