Feeling really good

This morning I lifted at the gym. It was going to be just like any other day of lifting. With lifting, I quite often do the same routine with the same weights and don’t put too much
thought into it. It’s more just maintenance for me. Today I started with my chest routine which was typical. Then I moved on to my back routine. Immediately I realized that I needed to up my weight. I still was able to do 16 reps on the lat pull-downs but had moved to the next plate. “Wow,” I thought “why am I able to do so much more?” I then started in on my seated rows and again had to up the weight. I thought that it may be attributed to me swimming 3x a week and that maybe my lats and core are getting stronger. I have been trying to swim with my core and hips rather than using my shoulders due to watching/reading more about effortless swimming. I moved on to my shoulder routine. I’ve always loved working my shoulder but since I learned to swim my left shoulder has been giving me some problems and quite often hurts while doing my lateral raises. Today was very different. I had no pain in my shoulder what so ever. “Now, why isn’t my shoulder hurting?” I thought. Could it be from not overusing my shoulder while swimming since I’m focusing more on using my core/hips? Moving on to the rest of my routines: triceps, biceps, legs, and stretching, I noticed that I just felt good all around. I started asking myself if this could be attributed to my quest to reduce the processed foods that I eat. Over the last 5 days I’ve been making a concentrated effort to eat less processed foods and just consume whole foods. I don’t eat really bad to begin with but I’ve been even better lately. Are these things related? Hubby and I have been talking a lot lately about our food options and the choices we make. We both have been eating more veggies, fruits, and good quality proteins. What’s been working for me is: bananas, eggs, apples, asparagus, salads, fish, chicken, avocados, smoked salmon, carrots, tomatoes, onions, brussel sprouts, pecans, cabbage, radishes, and lots of water. I’m going to start paying more attention to how I feel during workouts and what I ate beforehand. I think this will be a fun experiment!


~ by willtriforbeer on February 13, 2013.

3 Responses to “Feeling really good”

  1. I can’t let Janelle read this, it’ll ruin the plan!

  2. Great work Jen, I think that nutrition definitely plays a part in it, I know since I’ve been eating clean, I can lift a lot more and I recover much more quickly than I ever did. It always feels so great to recognise gains in strength, good on you for sticking it out and changing things up!

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