For the fun of it

Lately I have found myself thinking about how I “need” a GPS watch so that I can track the distance on my runs. I run on mostly trails and usually just go by time so I don’t have to worry about tracking my route when I get home just to see how far I went. I’ve used several mapping applications which just take too much time. I’ve tried the Nike plus but that also took time to set up and half the time didn’t work properly.

Then I start thinking that I need the Garmin Forerunner 910xt since it could also track my swim stroke count and the distances of my open water swims. Now that would be cool! It can even tell you what stoke you used for your swim; of course, I can usually remember that I swam freestyle the whole way.

I hear other triathletes talk about using power meters for their cycling and I think “oh, I need one of those.” I think that I could become a more efficient cyclist if I used a power meter. I could be more consistent with my intervals. I could also upload my data to sites such as Beginner Triathlete and Training Peaks.

And if I had tools such as a power meter and a Garmin 910 then I would need a heart rate monitor so that I could constantly know what zone I’m in, whether I need to up the pace or slow it down.  Whether I’m over-training or sandbagging every workout. Oh yeah, that could be beneficial!

But at some point I feel that it can all be overwhelming and you can easily lose focus on why you fell in love with this sport to begin with. My focus right now is “for the fun of it.” I love just going for a trail run and just getting out there for a certain amount of time. I love open water swimming and usually there’s some other triathlete who does have the Garmin 910 and can tell me exactly how far the loop was that day. When it comes to cycling, I like just paying attention to the road and the world around me. For now, I’m doing all of this just for the fun of it!



~ by willtriforbeer on February 18, 2013.

8 Responses to “For the fun of it”

  1. Great post! I’ve been struggling with de-teching myself and getting back to basics as well. Basic pace and distance are all I really need at this point, so why spend the money? 🙂

  2. I feel the same (almost). I think people can get over reliant on advice – whether it’s from technology or a coach – and lose the ability to listen to their body and to relax and enjoy it. I write about this with regards to a coach ( and you summarise it well from a technology perspective.

  3. Hey Jen, great post! Really happy to find you on here! I cannot say that I am completely gadgeted up, but I did buy a Garmin 910XT a month ago, lol! Only because of it’s amazing features which I hope will allow me to coach myself better. I probably wouldn’t have worried if I wasn’t so painfully slow and such a bad judge of my own pace. I also knew if I didn’t buy it now I’d never be able to afford it again. That being said, I could have easily spent it on entry fees. I guess we all face that dilemna of when is enough enough. Love the image by the way, lol!

    • Thanks Simone! If I was going to get a device I would definitely choose the Garmin 910xt…it rocks! but I just don’t think I would use it to its full potential or I would use it for a couple of months and then start forgetting to take it with me. I need things to be simple. ha ha. I’m sure it’s a great tool! Glad to see you on here too!

  4. Fun should always be the goal in life! 😉

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