Hiking instead of Cycling

This morning’s training was supposed to be an hour on the bike. I knew it was supposed to snow today so I had planned on getting on the bike trainer, watching some videos, and pedaling away indoors. I watched it snow all morning and kept putting off getting on the bike. Eventually there was about a foot of fresh powder on the ground and I knew I had to go hiking instead!

I got the puppy ready and drove only 4 minutes to the edge of Arapaho National Forest where we hike regularly. The snow on our roads had not been plowed.DSCF6091

It was still snowing which made for a beautiful but still cloudy and dark hike.



Puppy loves the snow!! Since he is part Weimaraner, he tends to do the typical “stare through your soul” look quite often.



Not many people hike in these areas so it’s pretty easy to get fresh tracks. I love making our own way though the fluffy new snow!


The pine trees in this area are just so perfect. Of course, I love trees so I may be a little biased.



We had a great hike. I probably would have gotten a better workout had I stuck with my cycling plan but today I needed a workout for the soul. Nothing better for the soul than being in nature, listening to the snow falling on the trees, feeling the nip of the cold air on your nose, feeling vulnerable and exposed to the elements and world around you, keeping your eye out for wild animals (of which I saw none) and watching your silly dog play in the powder.


~ by willtriforbeer on February 24, 2013.

3 Responses to “Hiking instead of Cycling”

  1. A good hike in falling snow is definitely a boost to the spirit. My brother has a half lab that has a stare exactly like yours.. we call it the thousand yard stare. Kind of creeps me out sometimes.. like she’s waiting for me to say something. Awesome trail dog though. Love the pictures. Safe training and good luck.

  2. It looks so beautiful and peaceful!

  3. Your puppy is soooooo cute Jen! I agree sometimes feeding the soul is more important than a regular workout. I’ve found since I’ve started training for my HIM I haven’t had time to take the camera out, but I’m going to try and make it at least once a fortnight from here on in, if anything because I miss my me time with nature.

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