Race Report – Summer Open 2013

On Friday, the night before the race, hubby and I were having beers outside by the fire when I got an email from the race director saying that they were cancelling the bike portion of the race. What? I thought I was reading something wrong. The message stated that the company that does the road closures, barricades, signage, etc had closed its doors and was no longer in business as of 10am that morning. The race director for Without Limits Productions tried everything he could think of to keep the bike portion of the race from being cancelled but in the end there was no other way around it. We were offered two options for race morning: race the short course (1/2 mile swim and 5k run) or the long course (1 mile swim and 10k run). I chose the long course.


I got up at 4:40am got my gear loaded into the truck and grabbed a bagel with peanut butter for the road. I always love driving down from our house to a race. It’s peaceful and no one else is on the roads. I saw a moose along the way and stopped to take some pics.

When I got to the race venue I started looking for a friend of mine who I had not seen since high school. I found him in our weird set up transition area. I’ve never had a transition like this; no bikes, just towels and shoes laying everywhere. He had signed up for the short course so he would be done waaaaaay before me.

They had announced that the water temp that morning was 70 degrees which is just unheard of in Colorado in May. It wasn’t bad but it did feel more like 67 or 68. I did a quick warm up and just waited for my wave. I was in the last wave so I lined up at the back like I normally do making me the very last athlete on the course. It’s tough to start in last place and know that if you don’t pass at least someone you will also finish last.

The swim was challenging only because it was my first open water swim of the season. I knew the distance would be fine but adding in things like sighting, small waves, and wearing a constricting wetsuit made me have to adjust to it pretty quickly. We had to exit the water after the first loop and run down the beach to start the second loop. That was something new to me as well.

Speaking of new things. Transition was very weird since I’m used to putting on a cycling helmet and cycling shoes after the swim. Instead I had to change into my visor and running shoes. I was so dizzy from the swim that I had to just sit down to put on my shoes. Swimming for so long and being in the horizontal position can make for an unstable dizzy feeling when your body finally goes into an upright vertical position.

Normally, I’m running off the bike where your legs feel like thick tree stumps. Running after swimming, however, was not that bad. I knew I needed to pace myself because my longest run up until that point had only been 5 miles and now I was pulling out 6.2. The first loop was uneventful and slow. The second loop, I started thinking about how I hadn’t passed anyone and that I may legitimately come in last. I’ve always said that I would be okay with this since I know that I usually do small races in one of triathlon’s meccas and its bound to happen. Today though, I thought I could give a little more just to pass someone. I saw a girl up ahead who seemed to be having a hard time of it. I set my sights and wouldn’t let up until I passed her. I passed her on an uphill section. I wanted to slow down after passing but realized that if I did she could end up passing me. So I was stuck keeping it in high (for me) gear until the finish. Ugh. This is why I don’t run fast and I don’t like the competitive part of racing. I ended up passing two other girls, one right at the very end. Turns out I also must have passed two girls on the swim because I ended up 6th from last place.

My friend was there at the finish line waiting. Thanks for waiting for me TM! We headed off to the Southern Sun Brewery for lunch and delicious beers! And since I cannot visit the Southern Sun without having a growler of Java Porter filled for my hubby, I obliged. My perfect type of day: go out and play hard then reward yourself with awesome tasting brews!


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  1. Glad you enjoyed the brews Jen, sounds like you earned them! 🙂

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