Bike to Work Day – Colorado style

Bike to work day is a big deal in Colorado! With so many commuters that regularly ride their bikes it’s already a strong practice but on bike to work day many people that would not or could not regularly ride their bikes to work attempt to do so. For me it would be insane to try and ride to work everyday. I live at 9,000 ft in the mountains west of Boulder. Boulder, where I work, lies at 5,430 ft. In past years when I’ve ridden to work it takes me about 2 hours just to get to work so I made sure to leave the house at 5:45am so that I could make it down by 7:45am. There are tons of breakfast stations set up all around town that serve free breakfast to those that rode to work. I like to eat at Alfalfa’s Market. It’s a home town favorite that serves up a pretty good spread!

My ride started off pretty cold. The sun was just coming up but the chill of the mountain air was still present. The first part of my journey I didn’t take many pictures since it was so darn cold. I just wanted to keep moving. South Beaver road is terribly cold. The sun really never hits it because it’s in a valley and the creek runs along part of it. I forgot my full fingered gloves this years and my hands were frozen! I was actually shivering while doing mach 10 down the dirt road. I knew I’d warm up soon though because the next part of the journey was a one mile stretch straight up.


Once I made it to Magnolia Road it was more fun to ride and the views were better!



I did get passed by another cyclist on Magnolia so I’m not the only crazy one. Eventually the road becomes paved, steep and winding with multiple switchbacks in a row.





I made it down and claimed my free breakfast. It took me just a little over 2 hrs since I stopped to take so many pics. It was 31 miles of mixed dirt and paved roads and a few bridges. The ride was beautiful and the weather was great. It was a great way to start out the morning…but for me…only one day a year!



~ by willtriforbeer on July 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “Bike to Work Day – Colorado style”

  1. get it girl! so impressed!

  2. What a way to start your work day. Lovely scenery.

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