Saturday – running, kayaking, and picnic

Saturday starting out with me doing my long run. It really didn’t have to be that long since I had just recently done a 70.3 and in 2 weeks I would be doing a difficult Olympic distance triathlon in Steamboat. So you could say I’m somewhere in between build up and taper. I headed out the door to run near our house without much consideration for how long I’d be running. Running near our home is difficult since it’s at 9,000 ft and very hilly. The surface is all dirt which is nice but it still makes for a hard run. I was feeling good so I opted for a 7:1 ratio. I have been feeling really good about my running lately. I haven’t been injured and I’ve been holding back just enough. It was a beautiful, quiet, and peaceful morning and not too hot. I ended up running for 50 minutes and called it good enough.

When I got back home hubby was all packed up with the kayaks and ready to get out for the day. We first stopped at Wondervu Cafe and had a great (as always) lunch! They have such awesome Mexican food and eating on the patio is always a treat. The chimichanga is killer!

Then we headed to Gross Reservoir. We dropped the boats in at Osprey Point. We were in a hurry because we could see some dark clouds moving in and wanted to get some paddling done before a storm came crashing down. The storm ended up blowing over and we got 2 hours of paddling in!


It was a gorgeous reservoir that’s very near our house so I’m sure this will become a new favorite spot of ours. The lake is pretty big and we didn’t get to cover all of it so we’ll be back.



We had packed a picnic and now we just needed the perfect spot. We were sweating our butts off. The temperature felt to be somewhere in the mid 80’s so we were looking for something in the shade. We weren’t happy with any of the spots we scouted out so we got in the truck and started driving. Sometime my hubby and I can be a bit picky. I like to think that we just don’t settle, which is a good thing. It definitely proved to be a good thing in this case. We finally parked at a trail head, descended down the dirt path and could hear a creek down below. It was South Boulder Creek and we were heading straight towards it. We found a rock that jutted out into the creek…ah, the perfect picnic spot.


We had Olli Pepperoni, Montegrappa and Fontina Fontal cheeses, a baguette and Labyrinth black ale from Uinta Brewing. Labyrinth pairs so well with soft cheeses that we just had to have it instead of a traditional wine.

While we were eating the storm clouds began to roll back in. The temperature started dropping quickly and the wind picked up. We continued imbibing and knew that a little rain could not keep us from enjoying our time there. I was having such a good time and didn’t want it to end. It started raining slightly, no big deal.


When the temperature had finally dropped to 55 degrees (temp gauge on the truck) and we were soaking wet, we called it a day. It was an awesome day at that and I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend it with!


~ by willtriforbeer on August 5, 2013.

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