My truck – it rocks!

I love my multifunctional truck! It makes me very happy to think about my grey Toyota Tacoma and how comfortable I feel in it. Not comfortable in that the seats are luxurious and soft but comfortable in a way that just puts me at ease.


First and foremost I love it because it’s tough! I can 4-wheel in it. It has high clearance for going over rocks and whatnot. It has a narrow wheel base for passing other trucks/jeeps on 4-wheel drive roads. It’s older so I don’t care if the paint get chipped, if it gets muddy (the muddier the better, I think), or if someone door dings me. It’s meant to be a work/play truck and that is how it is used.


The cab of the truck is set up to function just the way I need it. I’m able to store an emergency kit (rubbermaid) with everything that I would need if I broke down or got stuck somewhere. I’m also able to store another box (rubbermaid) of extra running/cycling and sometimes swimming stuff just in case a triathlon breaks out somewhere. Ya never know. It has come in handy when I drove all the way down to do an open water swim and realized that I left my wetsuit at home. Whoops. I was able to run instead since I had running clothes with me. I also have a clothes line running behind the seats so that I can hang my wet swimsuit, damp cycling clothes, or drenched running clothes to dry while I’m at work. I also have clips on the clothes line so that my goggles and swim cap can hang safely too. This works well but you probably don’t wanna smell my truck after a hot day. This is also why I have air fresheners in my truck at all times. 😉 I keep towels in the front seat so that I have an instant changing room while at a trail-head. Too many people around…no problem. I just hang the towels from the windows so that no one can see in and I’m able to change outta my digs.

The bed of my truck, well, it’s set up for sleeping with storage underneath. I’m able to keep a few rubbermaids, ladder, a bike pump and small cooler underneath. The ladder is so that I can access the rocket box and bike rack on top of the truck. It’s waaaaay up there. Just inside of the tailgate is what every truck should have…a mounted beer bottle opener. For tailgating, camping, after a triathlon, just whenever. The sleeping space can sleep me and my hubby. It’s enclosed with curtains to keep people from seeing inside and locks from the inside too for safety. I’ve got battery powered lights in the bed area for reading and clips that can hang from the ceiling in case I need to dry something or just keep it out of the way.


I love my rocket box for three reasons:

  • One, because it is the perfect place to display my lovely sticker collection. I have beer stickers, race stickers, funny stickers, and hiking/outdoor stickers and what better way to announce who is driving the truck than with miniature advertisements of my personality.
  • Two, because it is the perfect place to store my wetsuit during the workday after I put in a long open water swim early in the morning. I used to store my wetsuit in the cab of my truck and boy did it stink like melted rubber when I opened the door. And the humidity that it created heating up from the sun all day, yikes. I also found out that it was very bad for the longevity of the suit.
  • Three, because it hauls all sorts of stuff. I put my skis in there in the winter. I’ve used it to haul trash to the dump. I’ve hauled toilet paper and paper towels from Costco up there. It’s great for stashing your really muddy boots after a hike and for putting anything that is dirty, gross, and nasty that you just don’t want inside your truck.


I also can haul two bikes on the roof rack. My road bike is up there regularly but I can also fit my mt bike or a friend’s road bike. My next challenge is to see if I can tie down a kayak in between the rocket box and one of the bike racks. I might be able to do it but don’t know if I strong enough to lift the 12ft kayak up to the top of my truck by myself. We’ll see 🙂


~ by willtriforbeer on August 7, 2013.

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