Kayaking the Colorado River – Day three

We woke up a little later on the 3rd day, around 6:15am. We were pretty worn down from the heat on the previous day. We slowly broke down camp while hubby had his coffee and I snacked on some Backpacker’s Pantry Huevos Rancheros. Great flavor but again the beans did not re-hydrate properly and were crunchy.

We made our way onto the water by 7:30am. I couldn’t believe how quiet the river was and how there was on one else around at all. This was the best way to spend the Labor Day weekend! Peaceful, quiet, beauty! We had a little bit of cloud cover for the first couple of hours which was great but of course the sun did come out eventually.



We saw about 5-6 beavers in all on the trip. One that even came up right in front of hubby. They would smack their tails on the water loudly and dive under. I read on-line (totally reliable) that they do this when their scared or frightened and it serves as a warning to other beavers in the area.


In the middle of the “Loop”, around mile 7, we decided to stop on a very small sandbar for lunch. It was in the shade and that was very hard to come by in the mid-day sun. For lunch we both had meals from Backpacker’s Pantry. I had Pad See You with Chicken. It was the best thing that I had eaten from them. The broccoli tasted like real broccoli! Hubby had Louisiana Rice and Beans and said that it was pretty good.


Our goal was to get 16 miles downriver for the day. When we set off on this trip we had no idea how many miles we could do in a day. We had only kayaked in lakes and weren’t really trying to get somewhere. 16 miles was not hard but the heat was exhausting. I imagine 25 miles would be the max distance we would want to pull in a day.


We made camp on a small sandbar near mile 3 and just after Elephant Canyon. It left us with only 6.5 miles of paddling the next day. We swam to cool off, straightened out our gear, and made water (ha). By making water I mean that we treated it with the Steri pen and let the silt and sediment settle to the bottom so that we could pour off the (more) clear water into our CamelBaks. We read more from the Desert Solitaire book and finished off the wine.

It must be boring to read what we ate for dinner each night but I’m documenting it for future trips so that we know what we liked and more importantly what we did not! On that note; for dinner I had the Chili Mac which was really good and hubby had the Chicken Risotto which he didn’t care for too much but he also said he usually doesn’t care for white sauces which this dish was in a Parmesan sauce.



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