Kayaking the Colorado River – Day two

We woke up before he sun but with the darkness we didn’t want to get up and try packing up our gear so we just laid there. It was dark and you could still hear the sonar from the bats flying above. Sleeping in a cave/grotto turned out to be a little creepy with the weird noises we heard all night from the bats/birds/insects/etc. Finally, there was a small amount of light so we forced ourselves up and got a move on.

We were approximately at mile 34 and our goal was to get another 15 miles down river. After packing all of our gear back into our kayaks we quietly set off on the water. It was so peaceful in the mornings and quite the exhilarating experience to have all your supplies with you on a boat and completely in control of your own destiny. I couldn’t think of a more satisfying feeling. Mornings on the water were perfect!


I started seeing a lot of cranes on the water and as we would glide by the cranes would take flight. They were gorgeous birds with a descent sized wing span. I got a few pics and some crappy video but otherwise it was hard to capture them with having to paddle and all.


The more times we had to get in to and out of the boats the better I was getting at it. I started feeling really comfortable with my abilities. I would even float backwards without any fear of tipping over.



We knew of a hiking area that we wanted to check out so we stopped for lunch before setting off to hike Lathrop Canyon. For lunch I had the Backpacker’s Pantry Santa Fe Chicken. This time I added more water and let it sit for longer but still the beans and rice were crunchy. I started to realize that Backpacker’s Pantry may not be the style for me. The flavor and taste were great but I can’t get over crunchy beans and rice. Hubby had the Mountain House Beef Stew which he liked.

Our hike up Lathrop Canyon was brutally hot! It was mid-day in the desert and we were hiking. Even the lizards didn’t want to be out in the sun because it was so hot. We drank so much water just to be able to keep moving. A couple of times we were able to find some shade under and overhanging rock which we were grateful for. It was nice to be able to stretch/use our legs after so much sitting though.

After the hike we jumped back into the boats (happy that they were still there) and took off again downriver. It felt slightly cooler on the water. We finally found a nice sandbar to camp on just after mile 19 near Sheep Bottom. We had great views and flat sand! The sun was still baking us so we got into the river to cool off. It was around this point that I realized that I was at the beginning stages of dreadlocks. My hair had clumped together and I didn’t have a comb (luxury item) to smooth it out. It remained in a nasty bun for the rest of the trip. After the sun went behind the canyon walls the temps dropped into the high 80’s…yay!



It was very enjoyable to sit on the sand reading Desert Solitaire and drinking our bag of wine. We were filthy dirty, sweaty, wearing the same clothes but relaxed and happy. For dinner I decided to go with a dish that did NOT have beans or rice in it. I chose Beef Stroganoff. It was much better though I did put a little too much water which made it soupy but that was on me. Hubby again went with a Mountain House dish; Lasagne with meat sauce. We both had good dinners that night. There was a slight breeze when we went to sleep which made nice but there was still no need to get into the sleeping bags.


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