Kayaking the Colorado River – Day four

We only had about 6.5 miles to kayak to reach Spanish Bottom. Our goal was to get there early enough so that we could hike up to the Doll House in Canyonlands National Park before our water taxi was there to pick us up at 1pm.

Morning, of course, was just beautiful on the river.


There were two little sections of small rapids that we needed to tackle. The best one we hit early in the morning. It’s called the Slide since the rapids were formed from a mud slide long ago that constricted the water flow. There were lots of swirling whirlpools that would start to turn your boat and you’d just have to paddle out of it. It was lots of fun!


The Confluence is where the Green River and the Colorado River flow into each other. The Green River is a greenish color and the Colorado River is reddish in color. When they meet the colors swirl together. Many years ago we had done a hike in Canyonlands that takes you to the top of the canyon where you can see the colors intermingle. Now, we were right in the mix of it. You can’t see the colors in the pic below but that is where the Green River is meeting up with us.


We made it to Spanish Bottom and had just enough time to make the hike. It was a straight up hike that rose from the waters edge to the canyon rim. It was tough and I can’t remember the last time I sweated like that! Once again, hiking in the heat of the day. And yes, I still have my silt dreadlocks.



The Doll House is basically a bunch of colored spires that are beautiful and worth the hike. The views were impressive and it was neat to access it from the river and not from the roads through Canyonlands like most people do. Although, we didn’t see anyone else on the hike at all.



We made the trip up and back in about 3 hours. We didn’t want to chance missing our pick up boat. By the time we got back down our quads were killing us from the step incline and then returning the same way.



The Tag-a-long boat picked us up at 1pm. We loaded up our kayaks onto the boat and it takes you back up the same river that you spent 4 days coming down in about 3 hours. It was so nice to see that the boat was somewhat shaded with a roof and that we could sit without having to paddle. As we entered the boat the nicest guy in the world offered us a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It was the best tasting beer ever! I was so thirsty and after drinking (treated) warm river water for 4 days a beer could not have hit the spot better! Thank you random beer dude!! I salute you.



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