Bike Fit from Retul – July 2nd, 2013

A bike fit can seem either too intimidating or something that only professional cyclist and triathletes should get but I’m here to tell you that is not correct. Everyone who is currently riding a bike or who is intending to start should get a bike bit. Anyone spending a decent amount of time in the saddle should absolutely get a bike fit. The longer the distances that you ride the more important a proper bike fit is.

I bought a new Trek Madone in 2011 and started riding. I really didn’t know much about what I was doing. I did a few short distance triathlons with my bike and things seemed fine. It wasn’t until I participated in an Aquabike race (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike) that I realized how my bike was not set up properly. My longest ride before the race was only 30 miles so I hadn’t experienced these problems beforehand. I had severe cramping in my diaphragm and was having a hard time breathing. I was able to breathe but it was just uncomfortable to do so. My rear end was hurting like never before and I ended up have really sore trapezius muscles.

To see the write up on my first bike fit in 2012 click here. It was done by a Retul specialist, Ryan Ignatz, at Colorado Multisport. This time I was getting my 2nd bike fit for more of a tune up. I hadn’t had any problems leading up to it so we didn’t make any major changes. This bike fit was done by Garrett Getter at the Retul headquarters in Boulder. Retul is considered the leader in the bike fit industry.

Riding after having a bike fit has made a huge difference! I now feel comfortable on the bike, can go for longer distances, and currently have no overuse injuries.

Sports are expensive and if any other cyclists or triathletes are considering where to get the most bang for your buck I would suggest spending your hard earned cash on a bike fit as opposed to an aero helmet, clinchers, power-meter, etc. All the fancy toys won’t help if you’re uncomfortable or creating long term injuries. Thanks Garrett for all your help!







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