Rome, Italy – Day four

After hubby would get his 2 cappuccinos at Tazza D’Oro the day could commence. I’m not a coffee drinker but the cappuccinos sure were pretty and smelled great.


We headed to the Victor Emmanuel Monument which houses the tomb of the unknown soldier at the base. There’s a rooftop on the right side of the monument which has great views of the city.



From Victor Emmanuel you can enter the Basilica de Maria in Aracoeli, one of the many, many churches we ended up visiting.


From the church you descend a flight of stairs and ascend another set of stairs directly next to it. This second flight of stairs, the Grand Staircase, was created by Michelangelo and is unique in its design. The stairs rise to Capitoline Hill, one of seven hills in Rome.


At the top is Piazza del Campidoglio, an urban plan also designed by Michelangelo. In the center of the piazza stands an equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius.


Next we headed to the Forum. It was a labyrinth of ancient ruins. I think the pictures can speak for themselves.








The Colosseum was very cool especially after seeing so many photos of it over a lifetime to finally get to see it in person. This was probably my favorite “old ass thing from way back in history.”





It was late by the time we decided to grab lunch but we got lucky that Osteria da Mario was open until 3pm. This was a tiny little mom and pop joint with great food. We split a liter of house wine and both ordered a primi course.


The vehicles in Rome made me smile since they were so little. The largest vehicle we saw over there was a Nissa Sentra and it seemed huge compared to all the other Smart cars and Fiats. We own a Toyota Tundra and I swear that we could park one of these little things in the back of it. These cars are so small that sometimes we would see them parked perpendicular to the curb in between other cars that were parked parallel.


Near the Pantheon, there was a tiny alley with a candle sitting on the ground burning. On our first night, it had intrigued me and upon further investigation I saw that it was a tiny restaurant. I mentioned to hubby that maybe we should eat there. We usually go out of our way to avoid eating anywhere near a tourist area but this one seemed different. We decided to take a chance. We entered the hobbit hole to find the most quaint and cozy little restaurant, Vecchia Locanda. The handmade pasta and service was excellent. We splint a liter of wine and hubby got to sample Dolce Vite grapa at the end. It was lit with very dim lights and candles making it hard to photograph anything so here is a picture from their website just to give you an idea of what it looked like.


The last stop before the hotel was at the deli/market I had visited the night before for the hazelnut cookie. The owner remember me and greeted me like we were long lost friends. He even gave me a discount (I guess for being a frequent flyer). I could get used to this.


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2 Responses to “Rome, Italy – Day four”

  1. Woah! Looks absolutely beautiful, hope to be headed there this summer myself and some of the places mentioned here are definitely going on the list while there! Great post!

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