Rome, Italy – Day five (Thanksgiving)

We woke up and though it was not officially Thanksgiving yet in the US, it was Thursday for us and we knew today would be our Thanksgiving. We started the day with hubby getting his required 2 cappuccinos from Tazza D’Oro. In Italy you drink your espresso or cappuccino standing up. In fact, if you want to sit down you generally must pay more for it. So we would stand at the counter while hubby pounded his coffee drinks.


We first visited Largo di Torre Argentina which is the size of a city block and is the remains of Pompey’s Theatre.


We crossed the Tiber river. It was pretty muddied and looked cold. It did NOT make me wanna put on my wetsuit and have a swim. It was neat to see it in person after reading about it in school. It wasn’t’ a bucket-list item but still cool none the less.


We walked through the neighborhoods of Campo dè Fiori, Trastevere, and Piramide. Trastevere and Piramide are not the usual touristy neighborhood. You could tell that we were in “real” living areas and nowhere near any sightseeing areas. We loved hearing everyone speaking Italian and going about their days. They were not on vacation. They were in the middle of their work week. It was great walking though these neighborhoods. One of the highlights of the trip.

Finally, after about 1.5 hours of walking we arrived at our destination; Eataly. It’s kinda like a Whole Foods on crack that is 3 stories tall. It a healthy/natural grocery store. It had deli counters, pasta bars, a cafe, a beer tap room, a wine tasting bar, a pizza counter, liquor store, and many more areas that we didn’t get to explore. It was so great! Kinda like Disney World for adults.




We headed straight for the beer tap room, of course.


The beers we sampled and shared were:

  • Super, an Strong ale brewed by Baladin
  • Urma, an Amber ale brewed by Eatly Birreria
  • ReAle Extra, an American Pale ale brewed by Birra Del Borgo
  • Hoppy Cat, an Black IPA brewed by Birra Del Borgo

My favorite was Super by Baladin (pictured above)! It was hoppy and malty at the same time. We sat next to an American who was currently living in Rome. He gave us the inside scoop to restaurants and beers in the area. It was nice chatting over beers with him. As we were getting ready to leave we knew we could bring home 4 bottles with us on the flight so we opted for beer instead of wine. Italian wine we can get in the states and we are not as crazy about, while mircrobrewed beer from Italy on the other hand we could not get in the states. We selected 4 brews;


We had made reservations for the Borghese Museum for 5pm so we needed to start heading back. We had not eaten all day, no breakfast and no lunch so we were definitely hungry. As we were walking though the Piramide neighborhood we saw a walk up pizza joint. Whenever hubby and I buy food to eat while walking the streets we refer to it as “street ____” whatever. So there we were with our “street pizza” walking and talking. This was some of the best pizza I have ever had! We clearly didn’t get enough because by the time we got to the Trastevere neighborhood we wanted more street pizza. Hubby bought more slices from a different place; prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella and sweet and spicy peppers. These slices were even better than the last! I was in pizza heaven.

Let’s just get right to the point…we missed our reservations for the Borghese Museum. Arriving in the area at least 15 min late and we hadn’t even reach the building yet. To save face, we just didn’t show up at all. Oh well, so we missed one attraction.

Our dinner reservations weren’t until 8pm so we had some time to kill. We ducked into, Mimi e Coco Vinoteca, to split a bottle of wine. We had the Vignale Cassano from the Lazio region. It was very good but that came to no surprise as we hadn’t had a bad bottle of wine in Italy yet.



For our Thanksgiving dinner we had made reservations at a place that was popular with the locals, Trattoria dal Cav. Gino. It was tucked away on a tiny street and very busy and loud once you entered. It was very Italian. We ordered a meat plate to start. There were two Italian woman next to us that didn’t speak a lick of English and we didn’t speak Italian but somehow the four of us talked though the entire meal. Hubby and I shared a primi course of Cacio e pepe followed by our secondi courses of saltimbocca and slow cooked wild boar.

We finished our meal with tiramisu. Hubby had inquired to the women sitting next to us as to what they were drinking. One of the women responded with “amaro”. The other was drinking a grapa. She explained to us that it was the opposite of sweet. We took that to mean that it was bitter. The next thing we know the waiter was serving us amaro. It was bitter but with the sweetness of the tiramisu it was somewhat pleasant. We all said “salute” and raised our glasses, the universal symbol! We had a great night overall!



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