Rome, Italy – Day six

By day six we really had done and seen everything that we desired to do in Rome. We looked through the guidebook some more and decided to visit Castel Sant’Angelo. The building was initially commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family. We enjoyed our time there and it had great views from the top.






We ate lunch at Ristorante Pizzeria da Francesco. I had been craving arugula so when I saw the arugula pizza on the menu I had to dive in. The restaurant was quiet good but crowded and noisy. We shared the Pietro Rinaldi Dolcetto D’Alba which was wonderful. I really enjoyed all of the Dolcetto D’Alba wines that we tried on the whole trip.


We did some more walking and since this was our last day and we’d seen most everything we tried to find some new streets to wonder down. I just love the street in Rome. Cobblestone roads are something so different from the United States, they create a romantic feel no matter where you are. Nothing beats drinking a bottle of wine and strutting down the streets in one of the most romantic cities in the world.




We found ourselves in the neighborhood of Open Baladin again, so of course we had to pop in for a beer 😉 Beautiful concoctions!


We wanted to eat at Antica Hostaria Pontesisto which is in the Trastevere neighborhood. Once again, this was one of the restaurants that it’s recommended to have a reservation and we had none. We like to live on the edge and show up at restaurants with no reservations. He he. We were able to get a table and had a great meal. I cannot believe the food, wine, and atmosphere of the restaurants that we ate at! We did not have a bad meal at all while visiting! I would go back purely for the food experience.



As we were crisscrossing alleys looking for the restaurant for dinner we stumbled upon Bir & Fud. I had read about this place on BeerAdvocate but had forgot where it was at. It’s a small restaurant that has about 20 different Italian microbrews on tap. They were really busy so we didn’t get to sample anything but we did have some good beers. I had the 2 Late Imperial IPA at 9.5 abv  brewed by Brewfist while hubby had the Rose Mary Stout at 6.0 abv brewed by Birrificio Pontino. He also had the Bran Imperial Stout at 8.5 abv from Montegioco.




I took basic French classes in high school which almost means nothing but when we went to Belgium I felt like I knew enough basic words to get by. I didn’t really use or practice any of those words, however, while in Brussels or Bruges. I felt like I would sound like an idiot and was self-conscious of the whole thing. On this trip, I didn’t know any Italian (except for the word for beer) but yet I realized that Europeans appreciate any attempt you make to speak their language. They are forgiving of you for not speaking their language on a conversational level. We attempted to speak Italian every chance that we could. And you know what…it was fun and we met lots of great people. It’s great to take a chance and open up!


~ by willtriforbeer on January 16, 2014.

2 Responses to “Rome, Italy – Day six”

  1. Thanks for letting me live thru your photos….very nice pictures. Italy looks so beautiful and the food looks incredible. Both of you look so happy to be there. Lovely place I’m sure!

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