Whistler/Blackcomb – day two

Day two and we were up just a bit earlier. It had snowed more over night. I got up and opened the shades so that we could see the mountain and trees with the freshly fallen snow. I flipped the switch for the fireplace and sat down to take in the morning. Our goal was to ski Blackcomb mountain and hopefully avoid some of the crowds. We spread out the map and plotted out our runs for the day. We decided to ski together at first and we’d split up later.


We took the Wizard Express quad up the mountain and then jumped on Solar Coaster Express. As we were climbing up, the fog was so thick that you couldn’t see where you were going but could tell that you were gaining altitude fast. I’ve never seen it so foggy at a ski resort.


We did find some spots of clearing but they were short lived. Mostly we just skied in fog muck. The snow was amazing though. I was skiing in powder that was over my boots.


The fog made normal noises dampened and everything around me was very peaceful. The only part that was unsettling was that you could not see where you were going. I ski so slow that it really didn’t matter to me but to others (like hubby) it was not as great since they had to slow down to avoid trees, cliffs, drop offs, and other skiers.


At one point, hubby and I had to split off since he was taking the black run down and I needed to find the blue run that was just to the right of the black one. I headed off in the right direction but was also afraid I’d overshoot it and end up having to take a different lift up and being separated for the day. There was another guy that was equally lost. I told him the name of the run that I knew was right there and his response was “shit, I’m nowhere near where I need to be”. I did find hubby again where the runs met up and we skied the rest of the way back down. The runs at Whistler/Blackcomb are so long it’s like combining 3-4 of the runs that were used to.


It was a great day of skiing…one that I’ll definitely hold dear. Great snow, beautiful peeks of far off mountains, and uniquely wonderful fog.


We ate lunch at Merlins at the base of Blackcomb mountain. It was the same place that we had beers at the night before. I had the Pork Belly tacos and oh my goodness where they good! Hubby had a delicious burger and we washed them down with Alexander Keith’s IPA.



After lunch, hubby went back up for more runs, as he calls it…big boy snowboarding. As for me, I went back to the hotel for a workout.

We were staying at the Four Seasons Resort and this place was the nicest place that I have ever stayed! I was able to get my lift (chest, triceps, shoulders) in then sit by the pool to wait for hubby.



When hubby arrived we jumped in the hot tub and ordered up some beers from the waitstaff. The hot tub was so fun. There were a few other skiers that had wrapped up their day and were relaxing and imbibing. We swapped good stories and shared our experiences about what amazing service the Four Seasons provides. One lady even told us about how her hands were full (with coffee and an iPhone) so the Four Seasons staff put on her ski boots for her. I told everyone how I had skied down to Creekside not realizing that the shuttle didn’t make a stop there so the Four Seasons sent a black Mercedes-Benz SUV to pick me up. I was so impressed! While walking around in our white robes I was offered slippers by several of the staff. They also would remember our names! It was quite crazy to hear them yell goodbye to us specifically when we left the pool area or when we exited out the main doors. Guess you can’t beat that kind of service!

We walked all over the village and didn’t find anything that we wanted to eat so we went back to the Four Seasons and order a pizza to be delivered to our room. Ha. I wonder how many times that happens.


~ by willtriforbeer on May 16, 2014.

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