Whistler/Blackcomb – day three


Day three at Whistler was my favorite day! I had skied just enough the previous two days to get some of my confidence back and I was ready to play with the big boys. Okay, not really, but I wasn’t as worried about falling down. We had devised a plan to take 2 ski lifts up Blackcomb mountain and then take the famous Peak to Peak gondola over to Whistler mountain.


The clouds had broke and the sun was out for the first time! When we got near the top of Blackcomb we could finally see what we had been skiing in for the last 2 days. It was magnificent! The peaks that surrounded us were amazing, especially with the low clouds hanging in the valleys. It was really feeling like a ski vacation now.


The Peak to Peak gondola is the longest and highest of its kind in the world. It runs 2.73 miles and takes about 11 minutes to get from one mountain to the other. It was a very cool way to see both peaks!


When we got to Whistler mountain we still had to take one more ski lift to the very top of the mountain, which is at 7,156 ft. I find it funny that the top of this peak is 1,844 ft BELOW where we live. Ha ha. At the top we were afforded the most spectacular views! We couldn’t resist stopping for a while to take pics. Hubby walked out on to some rocks that jutted out to get some good photos. I think for the most part I can let the photos speak for themselves.




We skied down Peak to Creek, the longest blue run in North America, it has a vertical drop of over 5,000 feet and is 3.5 miles long. I knew I was gonna be tired after this run! The top started out covered in fresh powder. I was loving it at the same time having a hard time maneuvering in it. It felt like I was floating in marshmallow clouds. My skis were just lifted up by the snow and it was an amazing feeling.


Here’s me trying to stay upright in some awesome powder!


The middle of the run was more groomed but was still awesome! It was a beautiful day and since it was Monday, it wasn’t very crowded either. Farther down the mountain the snow turned to ice. This was not fun. It was so slick you could hear my skis scraping the ice as I was trying to keep my speed in check. I fell twice on the ice. One of the times I was laying on my back head down the mountain and I couldn’t stop because the ice was so slick. I can laugh about it now. ha ha. Towards the bottom of the mountain, where it rains a lot in spring, the snow was more like skiing on a slushy from 7-Eleven. You pretty much get all kinds of skiing on this run since it’s so long and drops so far. Well worth it though!


It was just after lunch time and I was done for the day. Hubby and I ate at Dusty’s BBQ just at the bottom of Whistler. We had a huge plate of BBQ nachos and a couple of Whistler brews and soaked up the sun. I wouldn’t mind if every day was like this!



I headed back to the Four Seasons (I giggle every time I type that, it’s so pretentious but I LOVED it) for a quick strength workout (Back, Biceps, Abs) and a dip in the pool while hubby was still out there on the slopes. In the sun it was actually warm enough that I could sit there with just my swimsuit on and not feel too cold.


Hubby joined me a little later for some hot tubbin and beers. This is him in one of the fancy-ass robes that everyone would wear around the resort.


A local had told us about the best place to get a beer in Whistler. It was called Fitzsimmons Pub (The Fitz) and was just a short walk from our hotel. It was a tiny bar (occupancy was only about 20 people) with 8 rotating taps consisting of mostly local micro-brews that other area bars did not carry. The bartender was funny, sweet, and gave us lots of good information about the area and Vancouver (our next stop). My first beer was Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood Brewery. It was one of the best beers that I had in Whistler. It was an American style IPA with good hop flavor. The next beer was Cherry Bomb from Mission Springs Brewing. I was trying to get out of my comfort with this one. It was a little too tart for me with the cherries. Hubby had Blue Buck by Phillips Brewing and Larry’s Irish Cream Stout from Old Yale Brewing. He really liked the stout. My last brew was Devil’s Dream IPA from Hoyne Brewing. We were having such a good time talking to the bartender, the locals, and drinking such good brews that we missed dinner. So again, we ordered pizza for delivery to the Four Seasons. 😮




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2 Responses to “Whistler/Blackcomb – day three”

  1. I love your Whistler escapade. Also the pictures looks so great that makes me so jealous. 😀 Wish I could go back to Whistler this Memorial Day, hope my friends will agree! (fingers crossed) 😀

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