Vancouver, Canada – day one

We arrived by bus along the Sea to Sky highway coming from Whistler. It was a beautiful bus ride with amazing views of the bay.

We checked into the Hyatt in downtown Vancouver. It had great views from the 32nd floor.


The first order of business as with any good vacation is to start out with a beer. I knew that Steamworks was the closest brewery to us so we headed there. I had the Pale Ale and hubby started with the Oatmeal Stout. Neither one really got us all that excited. We also tried the Cascadia Golden Ale, also not that great. Quite often we find that if we really like our favorite style of beer from a brewery then we can appreciate most of the styles of beers that they offer but the opposite is true too, if we just don’t like the taste of our favorite styles that they offer then we’re probably not going to like their other beers either. Steamworks just wasn’t our type of brewery.


We walked the downtown area getting the lay of the land. We could see the Burrard inlet and all of the boats traveling along it. The mountains surrounding us were beautiful. The weather was pleasant.

We ventured into the Yaletown area and of course, we stop into Yaletown Brewing. I had the Indian Red Ale and hubby partook in the Warehouse Stout. Once again, these tastes did not suit us. They did have a nice bar area though.


We ate at Incendio in the Gastown neighborhood. It was a quaint little Italian restaurant with dim lighting and brick walls. The food was very good and the ambiance just right.



Walking back to our hotel the city was painted with lights and activity. Something we don’t get much of where we live. The city felt vibrant and alive. It was nice to feel a part of that on the given night.



~ by willtriforbeer on June 21, 2014.

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