Mt. Audubon (13,229 ft) and 6 bull moose

The day started at 4:50am since we had to be off the peak before noon. It is Colorado after all and thunderstorms and lighting are a real concern when you’re on an exposed peak. There’s been at least 3 people struck and killed by lightening within the last month in CO.

On the way to Mt. Audubon we ran into 6 bull moose milling about near a lake. It was the most ideal setting and the most beautiful moose that I have ever seen. I was amazed at what we were witnessing. At one point we had 2 moose that were only about 8 feet from our truck. I wished that we could’ve stayed longer but we had a peak to bag.






We started down the trail and by the time we reached Mitchell Lake we realized that we had somehow gotten on the wrong trail. We joked that we needed a warm-up hike before doing Mt. Audubon. Ha ha. This added almost 2 extra miles to our day.


The hike was beautiful but I could feel the altitude. We live at 9,000 ft but can still tell a difference when I venture higher.


Along the way we could see the back of the Flatirons with Bear and Green mountain included. Higher up we were also able to see Longs Peak, Lefthand Resevoir, and even US 36 way off in the distance.




The top was so incredibly windy and cold! We put on our fleeces, duck into a rock windbreak, and ate lunch. The views were spectacular to say the least. Both hikes combined took us about 6 hours, over approximately 10 miles. I love having such a big playground right out our front door.



~ by willtriforbeer on July 27, 2014.

2 Responses to “Mt. Audubon (13,229 ft) and 6 bull moose”

  1. I love the first three pictures, they are worth framing! How does the altitude affect puppy? I love his ears flying in the breeze! Thanks!

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