Chicago – day 4

Our day started with a boat tour of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. I have to say that I’ve never taken a boat tour in Chicago and thought it might be lame but I was wrong. It was great! I saw a different side of Chicago and it was well worth the money. We started out going up the Chicago River and getting a small architecture tour of the buildings.



Next we went through a lock system to gain access to Lake Michigan. Cruising on Lake Michigan afforded us spectacular views of the city which I’ve only seen in magazines. It was windy and cold but oh so worth it.




After the boat tour we walked more along the Magnificent Mile and had lunch at David Burke’s Steakhouse. Hubby likes to have the local fair when we’re traveling so along with pizza and sausages he also wanted to have a good steak while in Chicago. I actually had the lobster salad since I’m not that into steaks. Hubby had the 40 day ribeye off the dinner menu and said that it was good but that we tend to grill up just as good of steaks at home. Not to toot our own horn but hubby does a really good job of grilling up meats. I did find an amazing wine in the Thomas Schmitt Kabinett Riesling. It was sweet and crisp with notes of apples.

Since we were so close to the John Hancock building we decided to have drinks in the Signature Lounge on the 95th floor overlooking the city. Once again, amazing views of the downtown area and tall skyscrapers.



I had the appropriately name Sky High Rye brewed by Arcadia while hubby had the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter made by Great Lakes Brewing.

Since it was Craft Beer Week in Chicago we saw that they had a special hard-to-find beer available at the Public House and wanted to stop in for a sample. Glad we only shared one 12 ounce bottle because it was not our style. It sounded oh so good at first. It’s made in Scotland and is an Imperial IPA that is aged in Islay whiskey casks. The taste though is of smoke and peat moss. It was so smokey I almost couldn’t drink it. It tasted like the forest was burning down in my mouth.


We made the trip out to Revolution Brewing via the Blue Line train. It was crowded as expected on a Saturday night. We had to wait for about 20-25 minutes for a table. I ordered the Crystal Hero a crisp IPA and later the Double Fist which was a double pale ale. Hubby had the District Line North, an American lager and later The Bandit, which was a stout with coffee.



We got back to the hotel and it was still light out. We had run out of things to do! Every morning while leaving our hotel we would comment about how cool the hotel bar was and that we should have a drink there. So that’s just what we did. The Big Bar in the Hyatt has quite the view and many TV’s showing every kind of sporting event.




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