Boundary Waters – day one

We got up at 4am so that we could leave the hotel in Minneapolis by 4:30am to reach our destination around 9am. It was one early morning! We had found out early on that it was a much better idea to rent a canoe rather than bring our kayaks to the Boundary Waters due to all the portages. Instead of both of us having to haul each one of our kayaks one at a time, one of us could just carry one canoe. Made sense to us so we rented our canoe and got our permit from Ely Outfitters. They were super helpful folks!

We dropped off our vehicle at the Mudro trail-head (EP 22). It was on the east end of our trip and we’d be starting from the west. Ely Outfitters drove us to our entry point (EP 16) which was Moose River (north). As they drove away and left us with all of our stuff laying in the dirt at the trail-head, the mosquitoes began to fly around our heads and bite at our ankles. It was already time to break out the DEET. It always feels a little funny to be left in the wilderness with no vehicle or way to get out. It’s just you and the stuff on your back. We had to figure out this portaging stuff right away since our first one was 1/2 mile long. We did it in one trip. Hubby wearing his backpack and carrying the canoe with our fishing poles strapped inside. I wore my backpack with the canoe oars strapped to the outside and carried 2 dry bags, one in each hand. Neither one of us had a hand free to swat away mosquitoes. The trail wasn’t terrible but it was just a pain to hike with all this stuff.

As soon as we got to the first waters edge we were able to load all of our stuff into the canoe and start paddling. The sad part was that we only paddled for about 5-10 minutes before we came to the next portage. Ugh.



Time to carry all of our stuff again. The next waters edge we loaded up the boat again and began paddling. This time we got to paddle for about 10 min before the next portage.

Finally we were able to get some decent paddling in. We were heading north on Moose River and meandering along. This wasn’t too bad.



Saw a snake in the water. Luckily we’d already been told that there were no venomous snakes in the area so we weren’t too worried.

Finally we arrived at an actual lake, Nina Moose. We paddled north/east across the open water. Hubby and I were having a hard time getting our paddling down. We are both used to manning our own kayaks and not used to paddling together. We had a hard time keeping the boat going straight. We would eventually figure it out 🙂



We could see one campsite that was already taken so we started looking for another. The wind picked up and we could see that some stormy weather was blowing in. The chop on the water started to rise and we became a little concerned about capsizing. We saw a campsite that didn’t look too bad so we took it. Good thing we did too because as we we’re setting up the tent the rain and wind came in hard. We had to cover up what we could and take shelter in the tent. We waited out the storm by just laying in the tent in our fairly wet clothes and reading from the Kindle. About and hour later the rain had stopped and we were able to get back to setting up camp.

The bugs were driving us crazy so we cooked our dinners and retired to the tent early. So far, the trip was trying us. We felt as if we had a rough start and that things would have to get better tomorrow. As I fell asleep all I could hear were the hundreds (sounded like it) of frogs in the inlet next to our camp. It stormed more during the night. We nicknamed this campsite Frog Cove.


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