Boundary Waters – day three

We woke to a beautiful morning and with the sun rising we were able to set out our stuff to dry and air out. Hubby got the coffee going as we re-organized our gear and cooked breakfast. We took our time getting ready since we didn’t really want to leave this camp site. It was one of the best camping spots that we’ve ever stayed at. We could still smell the fire from the night before.

When we did get going we started paddling in a little bit of chop since there was a nice breeze but with the sun we were able to wear tee-shirts. It was a gorgeous day on the water. We focused on our paddling and keeping the boat going straight. We were getting better with it as long as we both weren’t trying to steer. Now, I was realizing why people come up here and put up with the bugs, mud, and portages. It was beautiful!





We were paddling in the Lac La Croix when we crossed over into Canada. We were heading for Bottle Portage. This area was gorgeous! When we touch down on the land we were officially in Canada (kinda cool)! Bottle Portage was a muddy mess! You just couldn’t avoid it. We were doing the portages in sandals (Chocos for me) which made for some squishy feet noises. I would roll up the bottom of my pant legs but then I would get bit by the swarms of mosquitoes. We don’t have too many pictures of the portages since we tried to do them fast and didn’t hang around much. We saw a snake coming down the path but he was small and moved outta the way quickly. Bottle Portage was 80 rods.



We had to canoe along Bottle Lake and then weave our way around the small islands in Iron Lake before coming to another portage that would take us around Curtain Falls. After seeing the falls we know why we had to portage around them. This portage was 128 rods long and fairly hilly. At the end of the portage was Curtain Falls.




We didn’t get the campsite that we were gunning for but we did get the one across the water from it. The only downside was that this campsite was west facing so the sun was in our camp and filled our tent til 9pm. Geesh. That also meant that in the morning it would be cold, shady and buggy while packing up.

We dropped our stuff and then took the canoe out for a spin in Saturday Bay. We had been told that it was “enchanting”. We paddled around and I gotta be honest…it looked just like all the other shit we’d been paddling through. Not that it wasn’t pretty but I really don’t know what the difference was. I’m not sure if we missed something or if our expectations were too high but we just turned around and paddled back to camp.

After getting camp set up we took our Therm-a-Rest chairs, 2 tin cups, the box of wine and the fishing poles and climbed over to the other side of the peninsula to where it was shady. We sat enjoying the beauty of the water with the sun bouncing off it while sipping our wine. It was very relaxing until we heard a large crashing sound just across the water. It sounded like a tree falling or a rock slide. There were no campsites over there so it most likely wasn’t a human made sound. We will never know what that sound was but it was very loud. There are rumors of a Sasquatch type of creature in those parts. lol.



We did some fishing and I caught a small mouth bass. Hubby cut him off my line and we return him to the lake since we were eating our backpacking food and not preparing fish. The backpacking food is nice and simple. Boil one pot of water, pour into each bag of dehydrated food, wait 13 minutes and your ready to go. No cleanup and it’s lightweight.

Our campsite was also the site of a turtle invasion. Apparently it was the turtle egg laying season and we had at least 5 turtles trying to lay their eggs around the tent. One gal laid hers right in front of our vestibule. We left her alone for over an hour so she could get her business done.



As we were trying to fall asleep, I could hear turtles walking around the grass just outside. I even heard one trying to climb over or through the tent. I shooed her away. They were cracking me up. I also heard strange bird noises that I think were from a loon. In the early morning hours I could hear a lone wolf howling.

We nicknamed this campsite Turtle Bay.


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  1. Hehehe turtle bay…. Looks beautiful!

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