Boundary Waters – day five

We had made the decision the night before to head all the way to Mudro where our truck was parked. Hubby kept feeling bad that we were coming out a day early; like we had taken some kind of short cut or something. We had to reassure ourselves that it was okay since we did cover the distance but we just did it faster than we originally thought we would. We thought it would be a six day trip and we did it in five.

Day five started out cold, windy, drizzling, and the water was a little choppy. By this point we were comfortable paddling in rainy and windy conditions so we paddled hard across Gun Lake to make it to our first portage. The mosquitoes in the clove were terrible since we were blocked from the wind.



The first portage was 50 rods long and was not too bad. By this point I had started wearing my mosquito net on my head for every portage. It just made life easier especially on the first trip across when my hands were full and I couldn’t swat away bugs.

The next lake was Fairy Lake and was my favorite because of all the little islands on it.


The next portage was only 15 rods long which is so short but there’s no other way around it. So pack it all up and carry it, we did.


The next lake was Boot Lake. It was a much bigger lake so it would take us longer to get across it. I still kept scanning the shore lines for moose. I did end up seeing another deer on the banks of the lake. I find it funny that their deer are so much more red than our mule deer in Colorado.

We did a 48 rod portage to get over to Fourtown Lake. Fourtown was crowded by the standards which we had been used to over the last 5 days. It was windy and the water was really choppy. We were heading straight into the wind and it was blowing us from side to side every time it got the chance. We just once again had to go to work to get the job done. We paddled hard across the entire distance of Fourtown and didn’t let up until we came to where it got narrow and we were in the trees.

The next portage was only 10 rods, that means it was only 160 feet. Oh man. The portage was also filled with a group of 14 people who really didn’t care about anyone else but them. It was kind of weird to deal with that kind of rudeness after being alone for so many days. Oh well.

We got back on the water only to stop paddling after 2 min because we had another portage to endure. This one was 141 rods and it was a lot of climbing. Hubby said that it was quite different hiking on a somewhat technical route carrying a canoe on your head and wearing wet sandals.

We put back down into the water for another short stint and then it was back to another portage. This one being only 30 rods. The next lake, Mudro lake, was to be our last. We had mixed feelings. We were excited to get out and shower, sleep in a bed, and eat something home-cooked but it was also sad knowing that this adventure was over. We paddled slowly across Mudro and tried to soak it all in one last time.




We checked in to the Adventure Inn in Ely, Minnesota. The parking lot was filled with trucks and SUV’s that had kayaks, canoes or some kind of boat attached to them. I’m guessing that they are quite used to stinky, dirty, adventurers from the Boundary Waters checking in. It was a small and quaint hotel with actual keys and key chains like the old motels used to have while I was growing up. Nothing fancy but it would do. It had a bed, shower, and air condition. The best part about it was…no bugs! I took my first shower in 5 days and it was hard to get the dirt off. I kept scrubbing and scrubbing. I felt terrific when I was done!

We walked down to town and ate at the Boathouse Restaurant and Brewery. Unfortunately we thought that the beers tasted like something you’d buy in a kit and brew at home and the food was sub-par. Hubby’s steak sandwich was, in his words, inedible, so he didn’t eat all of it. I did try their guest tap which was a better choice. It was an American Pale Ale brewed by Lake Superior Brewing.


I don’t necessarily remember much during the night but I’m guessing that I slept really, really, good.


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One Response to “Boundary Waters – day five”

  1. Doesn’t sound like you’d try this trip again but glad you did it.
    Love the face on your hubby! Fun times!

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