Des Moines, Iowa

We pulled into Des Moines around 3:30pm and checked into the Hyatt Place downtown. We had one goal…or make that three goals. To hit each of the breweries in walking distance of our hotel. We had already decided which one of them to eat at so we knew the order that we would visit.

We stayed at the Hyatt Place which was a wonderful hotel with big rooms, friendly service, good complimentary breakfast, and valet. I highly recommend it if staying in the Des Moines area.

First up, Exile Brewing. We walked outside the hotel and were immediately hit with the heat and humidity. Ugh. This was awful! But we were dedicated so off we went. It was Saturday but the downtown area was desolate. We didn’t see anyone around. My guess is either it was just so humid that no one wanted to venture out or they were all using the Skywalk. The Skywalk is a series of 2nd floor indoor air conditioned walkways that connect most of the buildings in the downtown area. Either way it was just us and a couple of junkies walking around the streets.

Exile Brewing had a great taproom. It was spacious, light, and had a big patio area (not that we were gonna eat out there). I tried the Knee High Summer Rye which was pretty darn good and refreshing. Hubby had a dark lager. In the end we would end up thinking that Exile was the best brewery that we visited in Des Moines.


Next up, was Court Avenue Brewing. It was situated in a cute little restaurant and bar area of town. From the menu we thought this would be the best place to eat. We both ordered the same beer to start with…the 21st Amendment Ale which was oaked aged and had a nice oaky taste to it. My dinner of nachos were just short of having any flavor. They were the most bland nachos I think I’ve ever had. The next beer I had was the Honest Lawyer IPA which was not bad.


More walking in the hot humid weather to get to Raccoon River Brewing. I had been here before on a stop-over heading to the mid-west. This time it was much nicer since I had my hubby with me. I had the El Bandito Loco, a bold Imperial IPA. I really enjoyed this one. It was much hoppier and strong than the Bandit IPA. Hubby enjoyed his beer but I can’t remember what he had.


Next morning we were back on the road heading for home!



~ by willtriforbeer on August 2, 2014.

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