Prague, Czech Republic – part one

Starting out at Denver International Airport (DIA) with our flight leaving at 3:20pm we first needed to grab some lunch and a beer to kick off the vacation right. We ate some pretty good burgers at the Denver Chop House and drank their Irish Red Ale and Dortmunder Lager. I didn’t get much sleep on the plane due to the large, hairy, snoring, gross man next to me that continually leaned on me in some way. I so wish we could just drive to Europe!

We flew to Frankfurt, Germany where we walked though the airport in a daze looking for coffee for hubby and our next gate. Thankfully we had euros from our last trip so we were able to buy coffee and water without having to do a money exchange yet. We got to our gate on time and when we started to board they sent us down a ramp to a bus that took us 5 minutes out to where the plane sat on the tarmac. The flight to Prague was short, about an hour, and at least I got some sleep.

Finally we landed in Prague, Czech Republic. The first order of business was to get some Korunas (Czech money). We boarded the 100 bus towards the town of Zlicin where we jumped on a train, the Metro B line, towards Cerny Most. Our stop was the city center at the Namesti Republiky train depot. We only had a short walk to the hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Old Town. It was a good location and close to both train stations. We were exhausted and it was about 7pm! For the day (extra long day) we had driven a car to a train to a plane to a bus to a plane to a bus to a train and then a short walk. Whoa. We don’t do things easy.

We had one basic goal for what was left of the night…find authentic Czech food and beer! I had already figured out a good place to go so we headed south through the Old Town Square, past the Astronomical clock, along Wenceslas Square (you know the song “Good King Wenceslas”).


Our destination? Pivovarský dům. They brew their own beer and serve traditional Czech food. We both ordered the pork in a brown beer sauce with bacon dumplings. I ordered the Bananove (banana fruit beer) and hubby had the Kovove (coffee beer). The coffee beer was the better of the two and tasted as if it had Kahlua in it.




The last place we had time for was U Pinkasů. It is a beer hall that serves only one kind of light beer, Pilsner Urquell. It is several stories tall with little rooms tucked away for drinking and smoking. We both ordered the large glass mugs full of the beer and proceeded to chug them. Why chug them you ask? Because the smoking was so bad that we couldn’t stay inside for longer than 10 minutes. Being from Boulder where smoking really just isn’t a thing (beside marijuana, ha ha) we are not used to being around one cigarette yet alone 50! We would come to realize that everyone smokes in Prague and we just couldn’t seem to avoid it. Even in restaurants or just walking along the streets. Ugh.


We wandered the dimly lit, narrow, cobblestone streets back to the hotel where we crashed…hard.


~ by willtriforbeer on December 24, 2014.

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