Prague, Czech Republic – part three

Day three started out with us walking to the main train station (Praha Hlavni Nadrazi) to see where we’d be leaving from early the next morning. We’d be taking the train to Vienna, Austria and just did not want to miss it for any reason. After scoping things out we headed back to the other train station (Namesti Republiky) to catch tram 5 to tram 22. Our destination was Brevnovsky Klášterní Pivovar, a monastery that brews beer (of course). We had planned to take the buses there and walk back, however, we got on the correct bus but it was heading the wrong direction. We ended up taking a 20 min bus ride to the outskirts of the city. There were definitely no tourist out that direction. No worries…we just stayed on the bus and took it back til we reached our destination.

We ate lunch at the Klášterní šenk. I had a wonderfully rich meal of Halusky (traditional potato gnocchi) with sheep’s cheese and spek (pig fat). Hubby had the Halusky with smoked meat and sour cabbage. For brews we ordered; Benedikt IPA 15° and Lobkowicz premium 12°. This place was charming and relaxing with good food and fun beers.




We headed back to Prague Castle so that we could check out the inside. It was just as beautiful as the outside.




We walked back to the old town section and through some shopping districts along the way.


We climbed up the Old Town Tower that is attached to the Astronomical Clock. The views were spectacular and worth the trip up.







We had worked up quite the thirst with all of the walking we had done so we needed to find one of the last couple breweries on my list: U Tří Růží. We had some of the best beers in Prague at this place. I had a wonderfully festive brew called the Christmas Amber. It was spicy as well as malty. Hubby started with the Tmavy Dark Special which he enjoyed. Since we were having so much fun and were still very thirsty we got a 2nd round. I had the Kourovy Special (smoked amber) and hubs had the Svelty Special Lager. The bar only had about 8 tables and was so small and quaint.



We walked around some more admiring the architecture of the city. It truly was an old town filled with history.


We had one last pub on our list that we wanted to visit but along the way of trying to find it we stumble upon one that I had not found in my on-line searches: U Medvidku. So we stopped in for a beer. We had the X-gott lager. It tasted like an old ale, sweet with a high alcohol taste. I thought it was very good while hubs only like it a little.


Now we needed to find the brewery that we were looking for originally. U Fleku is a large beer hall complete with accordion and entertainment. They brew only one beer, a dark lager. The waiters come around with a large tray filled with dark beers and ask if you want one. Everyone in the place is talking, drinking, and very lively while the accordion player walks around the room. It’s the type of place where you cheers people you don’t even know just because. We also had a plate of sausages with our brews which made the outing complete.



By the time we made it back near our hotel we were tired but still hungry. We grabbed some more sausages at the Christmas Market by the Hilton. It was beautiful standing outside surrounded by all the Christmas lights and reflecting on such a great day.


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